We all have been through that time when collecting candies and sweets so the utmost priority. Candies have a wide range which includes chocolates, chewy bites, lollipops, or any of the saccharine treats you can think of. These have played a great role in making our childhood memorable and colorful. Not just childhood but in adulthood as well a candy bar is the perfect way to cheer someone up and satisfy their sweet tooth. In these times when everyone is very health and diet conscious, it comes as a surprise that the sales of candies have risen from 2% to 4% in the last five years. With the increasing sale, there is a substantial increase in candy packaging too.

Candies are everyone’s favorite be it, children or adults. This is the reason that brands have to put extra effort when designing these custom candy packaging. The competition is tough and it is not easy to stand out on the store shelf. The objective of customizing packaging is to make the boxes innovative, alluring, and attractive. There are many types of candies available as mentioned above and the packaging of each depends on the product. Candy boxes are a perfect packaging solution so far as plain corrugated boxes with no design don’t work anymore.

With the increase in the demand for these custom boxes, many wholesalers in the market are making candy boxes that make a memorable impression. H5 packaging is one of such brands that are designing and manufacturing these custom boxes, according to the desire of their customers. It is that one brand that promises to deliver the boxes on time without any compromise on their quality. It is possible due to their well-trained and the large number of the labor force, which never disappoints their clients.
Here are a few tips to follow that will help the custom candy packaging to make a memorable impression:

Focus on the likes of the target audience

The must be kept in mind that the target audience for candy is mainly, children. Although adults also buy candies the candies are a source of attraction for children mainly. For this reason, packaging must be of the sort that gets attractive. For a candy bar to attract a child, it must have bright and cheerful colors along with jovial designs. It is important to keep up with the modern trends and look for the things that are trending during that time, for example, some fictional characters or some newly hyped football players, or maybe some new Disney princess.

Customize packaging on special occasions or festivals

Christmas, Eid, Valentine’s, and Easter are the occasion celebrated by the masses, on such occasions, people exchanging sweets and candies is a common ritual. If the candy boxes are designed keeping these occasions into consideration it will surely provide a memorable impression to the buyers. For Christmas, candies can be packed in tree-shaped boxes and can display green and red colors. On the occasion of Eid chocolates and sweets can be packed in a crescent shape. Similarly, on the occasion of Valentine’s red color and heart-shaped packaging, and for Easter jovial colors and Egg-shaped packaging would be preferred. These special packagings are not just eye-catching but customers fall prey to these easily. Custom-made candy boxes are more preferred on a special occasion than ordinary boxes, even if the quality of candies in ordinary packaging is better people will surely go to buy the candies that have packaging that represent the spirit of the occasion.

Brand promotion and marketing

Custom packaging isn’t just dear to the buyers but the companies too. As it acts as a brand ambassador and conveys to the buyer what it is exactly about, and why they must invest in the following product. As the packaging plays the role of a brand ambassador, it must have all the essential elements in it that’ll make a buyer come back to your brand. Logo and company name are present on the packaging to promote the brand and its reach. To make it even more attractive and memorable, golden and silver foiling can be used for the brand logo and name, this makes the name prominent and attractive at the same time.

Use of eco-friendly material for the boxes

These custom boxes are commonly made from corrugated, cardstock, cardboard, or Kraft. We all know that the following material is lightweight and easy to handle for deliveries and shipments. Another property of these boxes that makes a memorable impression on the buyers is their biodegradability. As people now are very particular about the sort of material they use, this is a great material since is it completely recyclable and can be used over and over again. Not just this but it is easily decomposable and makes the waste minimum.