Composite decks are different from traditional decks. They are made with recycled plastic but have natural wood. Follow these simple steps to make long lasting composite decks. Who said nature is the only way to go? Adding a composite deck to your home is a practical way to increase your home’s value. You can get this made from professionals like Brite Decking or DIY. However, while building your deck, you want all the hard work to be rewarded for the coming years. Composite decks are different from the traditional decks as they are made with recycled plastic but look like natural wood. Thus, you get the best attributes of low-maintenance material, durability, and wood-like appearance. This composite deck will support your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Ready for the DIY project? Follow these simple steps to make your composite deck :

1. Determine the size of your deck

The most crucial step in building a long-lasting deck is determining the location and size of your deck. Lay out a garden hose on the ground exactly where you want to build your deck and mark its footprint. You’ll get a clearer view of how your deck will look after completion. 

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2. Dig holes for the footings

With the layout you’ve just decided, start digging the footing holes. The footing hole must extend 6 inches below the frost line to protect the deck from warping. After you’ve dug holes, pour concrete into those holes and smooth it with a float. Now allow the concrete to cure for at least 24 hours. 

3. Install the post anchors and ledger boards

Install a ledger board to your house using a level. This step is essential for securing the deck to the house. Now, attach the post anchors to the concrete caissons. After that, attach 4×4 posts to the anchors. Now complete the step by attaching a center beam to the post hangers and an end beam. 

4. Install the joist hangers

Add these joist hangers every 5 or 6 inches on your ledger board and end beam. To keep your hangers consistent, build a joist jig out of framing lumber. Set the joists and secure them with nails. Before moving to the next step, check your level, square and plumb often. 

5. Install the decking

And here comes the moment of truth! When all your joists are secured in place, you can begin the decking. To start, secure the first plank with screws and the remaining using a special fastener called Tiger claws. After this, use a rubber mallet to tap the planks at their place and then fasten. After you’ve added all the planks at their position, cut the boards using a saw. At last, finish your composite deck with stairs and railings. You can contact an aluminum railing installer to do the railings professionally.

There’s building a deck, and then there’s building a deck that lasts years. If you want the latter one, make sure you use good quality material and accurate measurements. You can refer to more detailed guides to know how to measure your deck layout.