Photo albums are now an essential feature of smartphones. They’re not meant to store photographs. When you browse iOS apps, you’ll see they’ve adopted the role of a nostalgic one with the help of memories. Facebook is the home of one of the biggest online collections of photos. In contrast to Flickr’s pictures, the ones posted on Facebook are more intimate. Therefore, it is natural that Facebook will benefit from this specific type of content. This is done through featured albums. It is possible to create a Featured Album using Facebook where other Facebook members can add photos and even add text to. It’s a shared photo album that is centred around memories.

Featured Album On Facebook Web

Log into your Facebook account then scroll to your Friends section. Below that you will find an area called ‘Featured Albums. Click it.

The interface on the web opens to your photos. Click the Add New Album link to build the feature album. From here the process of creating an album with a featured feature is in a way similar to making any other album. It is possible to add contributors to the album, give it an album name, include an explanation, and then include information about the location. The featured albums are available to the public. If you alter the visibility of an album, it will not instantly become an album that is Featured.

When you’re finished Go to your Photos and then select the album you made. Select the ‘Feature on your Profile option. If the album is public then you do not have to do this step.

Featured Album On Facebook Apps

Launch the Facebook app, and navigate into your account. Scroll down until you find the area where your photos are. Below the photos, you’ll be able to see a ‘Create Public Featured Album’ button. Click it. You can give the album a title, add the name of a contributor, and then click ‘Save’.

Then, choose the friends you wish to include as contributors, and then tap Done. Then, you’ll be presented with an update status screen that doesn’t look like it’s intended for the creation of an album, but it’s actually the real deal. Click the “Photos/Video” option and then select the images you’d like to add to it.

After the album is created, open it up and press the overflow icon on the right side of the screen. In the Edit Album screen, turn on the “Feature on Profile” option.

The featured albums are displayed in the upper right corner of your account. They’re like pinned posts but they’re images that do not replace updates that you pinned. This feature is designed to highlight photos that are special, but it’s not just for your circle of friends. It’s a different way to make your profile look more intriguing. If you’re an individual with personal life, this feature isn’t going to appeal to you as much.