Since the digitalization of the marketing industry, video and animation has become so much popular among companies and marketers. 

In various video animation styles, whiteboard videos have a fascinating quality that not just allure the marketers but is also attractive for the audience as well.

Characters and scenarios are sketched in whiteboard animation on the spot, making it fascinating to watch for the audience. If you have watched wheatboard animation earlier, you know what I am trying to say, and if you are new to it, keep reading this article; it has a lot for you! 

The whiteboard animation style is simple, with only three main components:

  • a white background
  • a continuous black or color drawing
  • a sketching (drawing) hand.

Whiteboard videos are the finest video style for instructional content because of their clean and simple demonstrative style, which creates a sense of learning for the audience of all age groups. 

In fact, whiteboard animated videos are ideal for explaining complicated concepts to your audience in a straightforward and understandable manner.

Whiteboard Animation is Effective… Yes or Not?

The emotional effects of whiteboard animation have been investigated for several years. Dr. Richard Wiseman, for example, investigated the differences between a whiteboard animated approach and a traditional live-action teaching video. 

He discovered that when a message is presented in a whiteboard animated style, it increases information memory by 15% on average.

Do you know why? Because of its entertaining style. People these days prefer watching videos because of their entertaining tone and run from long text blocks. 

There is another research performed where people were divided into two groups, one has written learning material, and the other has a video. At the end of the experiment, the experimenting team concluded that people learn faster when they watch the information in the form of visuals because human audio and visual receptors respond actively when they watch instead of when they read.

It’s logical because the easier an objective or message will be, the less work the brain has to put in to process it, and whiteboard animated video simplifies the concepts and ideas, making it a great communication tool.

What’s Unique in Whiteboard Animation?

We all know that whiteboard animation is one of the explainer video types, and every explainer video has its own style, which makes it unique from the rest, and whiteboard animation is surely extraordinary.

Whiteboard videos are usually different from the other types of explainer videos like motion graphics or 2D animation. It features a clean white background with a drawing hand, which draws in black & white, but can add some colors depending on the demand and branding needs. 

Five Steps of Whiteboard Animation Production 

Here are the five simple steps that must be followed during whiteboard video production:

1. Good Script 

Just like a good quality video, you need a good quality script that says everything in a precise way. if you are running a business and making a whiteboard animation video for it, then your script must answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem your targeted audience is facing?
  • What solution do you have for that problem?
  • How your solution (product or services) aims to solve that problem?
  • Why do people choose your product over your competitors?

The answers to these questions will determine the message you want to communicate to your targeted audience through the video.

Always keep in mind that your message should revolve around your potential customer’s pain points rather than around your product’s features or uniqueness.

2. Easy Storyboard

Once you are done with scriptwriting, the next and very important step in whiteboard animation is creating a storyboard.

A storyboard is a type of comic box description that summarizes all the scenes of your video to the production department.

When we talk about whiteboard animation storyboards, it differs from storyboards for any other marketing video. This is because you must ensure that every frame, even in the storyboard, is connected to each other because, without any visual consistency, there will be no whiteboard video.

The whiteboard animation storyboard does not need many transitions because a whiteboard video resembles a person is drawing the illustration on the whiteboard in the form of a story. 

3. Demonstrate Your Ideas 

A point that you must remember while creating any marketing video: illustrate your ideas in a manner that your audience catches them effectively. 

The same goes with whiteboard animation because every frame must be connected and explain your ideas properly.

However, it is a lot challenging for newbies to make It accurate according to the idea or script. In that case, you need to collaborate with expert illustrators and animators that specialize in this style to ensure that everything runs bump-free, and BuzzFlick is where you can find them!

4. The Whiteboard Animation 

It’s time to bring your whiteboard illustrations to life once you are done with storyboarding. Years back, this approach was created by capturing a human drawing the art in real-time, but today, we digitalize the hand motion.

Even if you are not into typical whiteboard animation with hand-drawing, you can add some character animation to it, which will ultimately improve the quality of your video. But if used correctly.

5. The Post-Production 

Finally, at this stage of whiteboard video production, you include voiceovers, music, sound effects, and final touch-ups. 

You can work on this step while working on the rest and do not need to wait till the previous steps are over or completed. 

In fact, recording the voiceover the moment script is ready is highly advised because it will determine the animation’s actual timing and video length. 

Enhance the storytelling power of your video with music and sound effects. You should never overwhelm it; otherwise, it creates a disturbance for the audience. Your video should be at a lower volume and not only be the human voice.

P.S: A key point to remember regarding voiceovers is that they should be recorded by a native speaker of the language and region your targeted audience are from. It will help you to build a connection with your audience. 

Link Your Video with Your Brand

Use Your Brand Color 

If you are a company and want your targeted audience to differentiate you from the other, then reflect your brand through your brand theme. 

A whiteboard video makes it very easy to raise brand recognition; in fact, animated videos, in general, have more brand awareness power than any other type of video. This is especially true with whiteboard videos. 

Branded colors are an excellent approach to raise brand awareness but be careful with colors. Too many colors can change your video style from an animated whiteboard video to a simple animated video. 

Your Character Must Resonate with Your Audience 

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that your audience must be able to relate the video story with themselves. Animating a character that empathizes with your targeted audience will be the best way to convince them of the scenario you are presenting. 

Creating your characters based on your buyer personas will help you create an emotional bond with your targeted audience.

First, figure out which of your consumer personas would be more receptive to your whiteboard video, then model the characters, style, scene, circumstance, and tone to appeal to that buyer.

In order to achieve that bond, you need to customize your video. The free and available template can not provide you the originality your audience needs to distinguish you from the competitors.  

What You Shouldn’t Be Doing 

After knowing what to do, it’s time to learn what not to do while creating a high-quality whiteboard animated video.

A. Alteration in style

The vital characteristic of whiteboard animation is the continuity of drawing with a drawing hand. 

Cutting this continuity and removing the hand can make it totally different from the actual whiteboard animated video.

B. Making use of a multi-color palette

Because whiteboard animated video simulates a drawing on a whiteboard, any other hue will ruin the illusion. Utilizing a background that isn’t white won’t work for this video type.

For the drawing itself, you can use some colors to enhance the drawing and video tone. Using too many colors will not provide the desired effect. 

So, it is highly advised not to use colors other than black or one or two colors for variation. Otherwise, it will kill the vibe of a whiteboard.

C. Extending your video excessively

Whiteboard animated videos, like any other type of explainer video, should be able to convey a coherent point in less than 90 seconds.

You should not make a lengthy video. If you want to discuss a long topic, divide one long video into multiple short videos. It not only helps you describe your topic easily but also helps your audience to understand without any confusion. 

D. Using a video of poor quality

If you want your marketing campaign or objective to succeed, try to avoid poor-quality video. When a video is made at low visual quality, instead of hooking to your video, the viewers leave it within seconds.

It will not only damage your reputation as a company, but it will also waste your effort along with the invested money.

The Closing 

A whiteboard animated video is a marketing tool that may be used in a variety of ways. It’s a style that puts your audience in the mood to learn, but it’s also engaging enough to make learning look fun and creative.

People learn more efficiently when they are entertained, which is why you should use whiteboard animation in your videos to effectively explain complicated ideas and complex subjects to your audience. 

You can introduce your company, brand, product, or service to your target audience and explain how it can be the solution to the problem. 

Are you ready to make a fantastic whiteboard explainer video now? Here are some of the best whiteboard animation companies for business, and if you are confused or have questions, the doors of BuzzFlick are always open for you! 

Happy Animation!