App development is growing to become a competitive industry of its caliber. So if you are planning to achieve something great, you might have to consider getting into the application development industry. Maybe you might also want to design an application that works similarly to Instagram. 

The question is how you will go about developing an application that scales incredibly well as Instagram does. Well, you may not have to bother your head with these difficulties. We are outlining an orderly procedure using which you can create an app that works flawlessly like Instagram. You can study numerous guides around the internet, and every information you acquire can save you much money in development costs. The primary line is that you need a solid plan before you venture into any development project. This guide will streamline the entire process for you. 

The processes for creating an intuitive application like Instagram

Maybe you are wondering which emails you need to design an app like Instagram. In this guide, we will break down complex processes and provide a complete overview of the different tasks in involvement. Once you determine the crucial features that you prefer implementing, you will get through the first hurdle. 

If you are looking for inspiration, you will find it on Instagram itself. The app is the leader of a particular niche that prefers sharing pictures. You can study the user-friendly nature of the app, and regardless of the design, the app makes it incredibly easy for users to navigate every function. So it would aid if you were careful while developing the accessibility and elegance of your app. The operator interface should be easy to use regardless of the variance in style. You can check up on the detailed guide for creating an application. 

Create a unique model

The first version of your application should not have useless bloating features. Everything you need resides in the minimalistic design that makes your app functional. After that, you can focus on the concept of the app and its branding strategy. Now, if you prefer to create a copy of Instagram, here are the points you have to put in place.

  • Your Instagram clone should have a defined user interface that provides an excellent user experience. 
  • Your Instagram application should contain easily accessible user navigation features. 
  • Your Instagram clone application should have a feed that encourages user interaction. 
  • Your Instagram clone application should have clean and smooth graphic and visual elements. 
  • Your Instagram clone application should be a functional app that is clean from bugs. 

An analysis of the photo-sharing features of an Instagram clone

If you intend to create an application like Instagram, you should pay attention to the development process in the lines below. After listing the essential specifications of the application, simplifying the structure, and creating a map towards the development. Below are the most basic features your application should contain. 


  • The user should have the ability to create an account inside the ecosystem of your application in a quick manner. 
  • The application should permit your users to sign in with multiple personal details or another social media application. 
  • The application should feature the ability to verify email addresses for genuine account status. 
  • The application should permit users to change their password whenever they need the same. 

Creating feed posts

  • The application should permit users to take a picture from the phone camera and upload it directly inside the application. 
  • The application should allow users to upload an image from the gallery section of the mobile device. 
  • The application should allow users to tag and mention their friends inside every post in the application. 

Editing every profile

  • The best Instagram clone app should permit the addition of new data inside an existing profile. 
  • The Instagram clone should allow people to edit pre-existing data inside every profile. 
  • The Instagram clone application should allow you to delete any information from your profile. 

Optimization of the application feed

Instagram has a feature of following that allows users to follow pages, accounts, and profiles. 

  • Your Instagram clone should have tagging features that allow people to share a post with their friends while including them in the feed. 
  • Your Instagram clone should allow people to comment on shared posts. 

Social features

  • Since your Instagram clone is a social app, people can share posts using other social apps.
  • Your clone application should have the feature to send app invites with added benefits and rewards. 

Image customization options

  • Your custom Instagram clone should allow people to add filters on images before uploading them. 
  • Your custom Instagram clone should allow essential image-editing functions such as cropping and rotating. 
  • Your clone application will aid with advanced adjustment features such as contrast, saturation, and much more. 

Geolocation tagging functions

  • Your application will benefit from a location pinpointing that one can upload once they activate the feature. 
  • Your application should pinpoint the location where the user captured the picture and add metadata to the post. 

Private messaging functions

Private Messaging function is not always necessary inside picture sharing applications, but it does increase user engagement. If you add this feature, be mindful of adding additional terms and conditions to control abusive and annoying activity by internet pessimists. 

Push notifications

This feature is handy, and every application has it regardless of its category. Push notifications keep background activity ongoing, and you can collect some data from the user if you need it. 

Searching features

  • Your application should allow searches depending on hashtags. 
  • Your clone application should allow people to search posts using user profiles or captions. 
  • Your clone application should allow searches depending on long descriptions and other minute filters. 

Find the suitable app template if you are using them

Application templates allow several apps that you can use to begin your development project. This incredible resource will save you money and push your account even further in the market. 

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