Steampunk is an aesthetic that combines Victorian-era fashion with science fiction. It’s one of my favorite subcultures because it takes something old, classic and nostalgic and gives it a modern twist. There are so many ways to create your own Steampunk Hat & Goggle Outfit, but the best part about this look is that it doesn’t have to be expensive! You can always settle for variations of hats and goggles like steampunk welding goggles. You can find supplies in your closet or around the house, plus with just a little bit of creativity you can turn ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces for your outfit.

Begin with a plain hat.

The first step to creating your steampunk hat and goggles outfit is to buy a plain, comfortable hat. You can look for fun hats in shops or online, but make sure that the one you choose will fit well on your head. If possible, try on several different sized hats before making up your mind as to which one looks best on you.

Add lace and chain to hat.

Add lace and chain to hat.

  • Use a glue gun to attach lace and chain onto the hat.
  • Use a sewing machine or hand sewing needle, thread, and embroidery hoop or other small circular object (like the top of a water bottle) to stitch on the lace/chain pieces that you have glued onto your hat using hot glue guns/gun-safe thread/super glue

Sew on ornamented lace/chain.

To sew on the lace and chain, use a sewing machine.

To sew on the lace and chain with needle and thread:

  • Use your hands to hold the ends of the lace together.
  • Use a large needle (or a smaller one if you have it) to make holes in either end of your fabric where you would like to place an ornamented piece of lace or chain.
  • Thread one end of each strand through its respective hole so that they lay flat against the fabric. Tie both ends together in a knot, making sure that none are left exposed or hanging out over any edges than need be covered up with other pieces—this will keep everything looking tidy and professional!

Collect parts for goggles steampunk.

  • You can buy goggles steampunk, or you can use parts you already have.
  • Part needed: lenses (plastic or glass). These are usually sold in pairs, although it is possible to buy single lenses if necessary.
  • Part needed: lens holder (usually plastic). This part attaches the lens to your goggles and allows them to be removed when desired.
  • Part needed: lens holder mount (usually metal). This part attaches the lens holder to your goggles, so that it cannot be removed without removing all of the other parts first.

Assemble goggles.

  • Attach lens to goggles: Use a hot glue gun to attach the lens to the goggles. If you’re going for an authentic look, you can use black electrical tape around the edge of your lens as seen in this photo.
  • Attach eye pieces: Hot glue 2 small plexiglass circles about 3/4″ in diameter directly above your goggles where your eyes will be located (make sure they’re level). These will act as “eyes” so that when you put on your hat, it makes it look like there’s someone inside them looking out at you! To make these plexiglass circles stand up straight without bending over or falling down, cut 2 small pieces of wire and attach them horizontally across each end using more hot glue as shown below:
  • 3. Attach tripod pieces: On two opposite sides above each eye piece, attach 3 more small pieces of wire vertically using hot glue (see photo below). Then take one last piece of wire and bend it so that it wraps around your head just under the top lip where there is no velcro strap.
  • 4. Attach chain & lace: Take another piece of leftover fabric and sew together several strips until large enough for one side only (do not sew both sides together yet), then turn right-side out after sewing is complete.
  • 5. Turn hat inside out again with all other parts attached except view finder – now place lining inside hat & secure by sewing along all edges except crown (where only stitching should be visible).

Add tripod pieces to goggles.

The next step is to add the tripod pieces to your goggles. You’ll need to measure the diameter of your lenses and make sure you have the right size tripod pieces. If not, you can always cut them down with a hacksaw or dremel tool so that they will fit your goggles perfectly.

To attach the tripod pieces, use either a hot glue gun or super glue (which can be found at your local hardware store).

Cut vinyl sheeting to fit view finder area.

  • Measure the view finder area on your glasses, using a ruler to measure from one side to another and then make sure it’s at least 1 inch larger than this measurement.
  • Use a sharp blade to cut the vinyl sheeting slightly larger than the view finder area you just measured out (1 inch).
  • Mark where you want your holes for attaching straps or laces by using a marker on one side of the sheeting and then cutting small holes with scissors in that same spot on both sides of the sheeting (so that there will be 4 per side).

Create view finder with acrylic paint and vinyl sheeting.

  • Use a stencil to create the viewfinder pattern on your acrylic panel.
  • Cut out the shape of your viewfinder, then place it in front of you and cut around it with a utility knife.
  • Apply two coats of acrylic paint over this stenciled shape to give it some dimension and make sure that no white paper shows through when you’re done!

Paint the edges of the vinyl sheeting for more detail.

Once the edges of the vinyl sheets are cut and you’ve cut out eye pieces, use acrylic paint to paint the edges of each piece. Apply a liberal amount of paint to a brush, then dab it on to the edges of each piece. Let this dry before you attach them to your hat or headband.

Glue lens on burgundy stripe.

Glue the lens to the burgundy stripe. This can be tricky, as the view finder area should be bigger than the lens. If you have a smaller view finder area, simply cut a larger piece of cardstock and glue it to your goggles before gluing on your lens.

The placement of your lens is also important: it should be in line with where you want people’s eyes to go when they look at your costume (i.e., not directly in front).

Make goggles eyes.

To create the eyes of your goggles, you’ll need to first paint two pieces of vinyl sheeting with acrylic paint and let them dry for a day.

After that, cut out rectangular shapes from each piece using a utility knife or box cutter and glue them onto your goggles with hot glue gun or white glue.

If you’re looking for more detail, take a small piece of vinyl sheeting and cut it into an oval shape. Glue this tiny circle in place over the larger oval that you just created on your goggles to create the pupil!

Apply glue to eye pieces and attach them to goggles.

To finish the goggles, apply a thin layer of glue to the inside surface of each eye piece. Press it into place on either side, making sure not to put too much pressure on them so they don’t fall off!

Embellish your steampunk hat/goggle outfit!

  • Add small details.
  • Add jewels.
  • Add goggles, hat and goggles together to an outfit with a plain shirt or dress (this will give the effect of a character with out-of-this world accessories).

Time To Impress

You can now where your new steampunk goggles and show them off to your friends. You can create more goggles, hats and accessories to create a whole new outfit.