The kitchen is likely the most used room in your home. When you’re not prepping dishes, cooking meals, or cleaning, you might use the space to chat with loved ones or entertain guests. 

As the interior will experience much wear and tear throughout the years, you must find ways to improve its durability to ensure it stands the test of time. Learn how to create a long-lasting kitchen.

Don’t Follow Kitchen Trends

Kitchen trends will fall out of favor within a few seasons, which can lead to an out-of-date interior that will stand out for the wrong reasons. Instead, pick a design that best matches your taste, personality, and desired ambiance for your home. It will ensure you adore your interior year after year.

Choose a Beautiful Yet Durable Countertop

Don’t pick a countertop based on beauty alone, as durability will ensure it withstands much wear and tear over the years. Legacy Countertops specializes in stunning yet hardwearing countertops to match various kitchen designs and styles, such as marble, natural granite, engineered quartz, and quartzite. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Add a Tile Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash serves various purposes, as it can add color, texture, and character to an interior while protecting a wall from splashes and stains. Plus, it’s easy to clean, which is exactly what you’ll want after many hours of cooking, baking, or entertaining

A tile backsplash is the best option for a stylish kitchen, as it’s attractive, water-resistant, and durable. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to complement your kitchen countertop and cabinets.

Pick Quality Hardware

As you will open your cabinet doors or drawers many times per day, you shouldn’t think twice about paying a little extra for quality hardware. The drawer handles and knobs you choose will determine your kitchen’s function and aesthetic over the years. Pay an extra few dollars per handle or knob to ensure its beauty and longevity.

Select the Best Sink and Faucet

Don’t rush choosing a kitchen sink or faucet, as some are more susceptible to wear and tear. If you’re looking for a durable faucet that will look great each passing year, choose a design with a physical vapor deposition (PVD) finish. Also, always pick stainless steel sinks for a kitchen, as they are more resistant to stains, heat, and abrasions.

Hardwearing Flooring

The kitchen will experience much footfall each day, which is why you must install a hardwearing flooring. Tiles, solid wood, polished concrete, and vinyl are durable options that can complement almost any traditional or modern kitchen design.

The kitchen is subject to much traffic throughout the day, and you must choose your countertops, flooring, and fixtures wisely. The options you pick will not only determine its visual appeal but can shape its function and quality. For this reason, you must make an informed decision when designing different elements of your kitchen.