What is a Blogspot?

According to my understanding, Blogspot is a free platform where you can host your free portfolio or business website for your professional activities. There are so many blogs nowadays. They hire a tech guy or a web design to develop their pages before writing an article.

Today, as a beginner, I will show you how to create a blog without paying the extra cost for anyone; read the article carefully and don’t miss out on anything.

What most been in place before creating a blog?

  1.  Knowing your niche in which categories you can create content is better than choosing multiple categories.
  2. What type of name are you giving your blog?
  3. To get a better ranking, don’t copy content from a website or social media.

Those three budgets above are crucial if you want to make money from your blog later in future.

As I said earlier, knowing your inch is essential if you are good at writing about food recipes, fashion, technology, or owning a business example, photography, beaker, fashion designer, Berber, etc.

Know which categories you fall on and start writing on it,

Naming your blog with short words that are not more than 1-10 characters is the best for search engine optimization (SEO); for more info on SEO, you can search the web for that.

Am still here on our topic, don’t get bored yet. Let’s get into our tutor to create a blog with google Blogspot free, with no extra cost to pay anybody.

To start, the tutor will need the below requirement

  • A laptop and internet connection
  • Install chrome browser for better browsing navigation
  • A google account (Gmail)

If you have to get those requirements, let begin the tutorial

  • Open your chrome browser type this in your URL blogger.com
  • Once it open, use your Gmail to set it up

This page opens after you have selected your Gmail; type a title name displayed on your blog top bar.

  1. Give your blog a title
  2. Click on the next to save your title name.

After clicking the following button, the above image example will pop up, indicating your domain name. A domain name is a URL that we type in our address bar on our browser example facebook.com. Make sure your domain name does not pass 1-10 characters for better SEO ranking.

  1. Type in the name that you have assigned for your project. My own is Scodextech
  2. Punch the Next button to move on the new page
  1.  Type in your name on the next page displayed to users who visit your blog to know what it is all about.
  2. By clicking the FINISH button, you and I have successfully created our first blog.

We are have creating our first blog; the next move now is to create a page

  1. privacy and policy page
  2. about us
  3. Term and condition
  4. Contact us
  5. Cookies

Those five pages are essential before we start creating posts

In our next article, I am going to cover how to create a page on Blogspot. For better understanding, comment on the below section if you are confused.

Stay tuned to my next article for the complete tutorial on generating privacy and policy for your website.