If you are a new Mac consumer with a Windows PC background, you are probable questioning a way to use the everyday reproduction and paste instructions in macOS.

In Windows, the Copy and Paste key combos are Control-C and Control-V, respectively. On the Mac, it is very similar – all you do is locate the Command (⌘) key in place of Control. You can discover the Command key straight away left of your keyboard’s area bar.

When you choose a few textual content or an object on a Mac, urgent Command-C copies it to the clipboard, wherein it’s going to stay till you both reproduction it over with any other object or choice or restart your Mac.

To paste your clipboard choice someplace else, definitely navigate to the favored place together along with your cursor and hit Command-V.

In addition to the above keyboard shortcuts, on a Mac you could use the Copy and Paste alternatives withinside the Edit menu, that may continually be located in an application’s menu bar on the pinnacle of the screen. (In Finder, the Edit menu additionally consists of a Show Clipboard alternative that you could use to view the presently copied choice.)

If you right-click on an object or a highlighted textual content choice, you could additionally discover the Copy command withinside the contextual pop-up menu. Once you’ve got copied the object or textual content choice, the Copy command is changed with the aid of using Paste Item or Paste, respectively.