The tablets commonly come with both the front and rear cameras use for different tasks.

For instance, the user could use the rear camera of a tablet for video recording. On the other hand, the front cameras could be used for virtual meetings.

Using the camera of the tablet the interior designers could also share the daily updates with their clients.

But any American would be surprised to know that the tablets could also use for surveillance and monitoring through a reverse camera. Now you must be wondering how to connect the reverse camera to the tablet.

Well then don’t worry myUSAmart is here to help you out. But before we start you should know that the reverse camera connected to a tablet could also be used as a surveillance device — from the backside of the car.

The easiest method to connect a reverse camera to a tablet is through DSLR services via the Android app to establish a stable internet connection.

Tablets with the older version of Android or non-Android tablets can be connected to a reverse camera through this method.

After forming a connection you could place the reverse camera in the back of your car. You could even place it in front of your home for security monitoring stunning…Right?

Although there are several other methods to connect a reverse camera with a tablet that we’ll be discussing throughout the topic.

Using Liveview Mode

The users could use this method if the DSLR controller doesn’t work out. Moreover, the user could connect a camera to this tablet through this method and use it according to their needs.

You could even save lots of money by using this technique. The usefulness of this method is beyond the imagination as it could be used as a reverse camera for parking, an external monitor for the computer, or as a remote mirror in the car.

The usefulness of these techniques is even extendable based on your desires. Now let’s take a look at the steps that needed to be followed.

Step 1

First, connect the USB cable to the port of the camera

Step 2

Now attach the OTG adapter with the tablet and connect the other end with the USB cable

Step 3

In the end, you’ll have to restart the camera and then switch to the live view signal. Now navigate to the Live View mode in the settings and then select it.

The advantage of this technique is that it doesn’t need the support of DSLR service. Instead, you could easily run the reverse camera through any app that supports the live view.

In case if the camera doesn’t work via the app then the best way is to connect and disconnect everything to minimize the recognition issues.

The user could now easily set the camera according to the need and length of the USB cable. Furthermore, the distance covered by the reverse camera is purely based on the length of the cable.

You could even connect the reverse camera through a wireless connection only if you have a stable internet connection.

Using Wireless Connection

The users who have a camera series of EOS with the Wifi feature could easily connect the tablet through a supported app. Although the process required a stable 3G or 4G internet connection to connect the reverse camera to the tablet using a wireless connection.

Using DSLR Controller

The users are strongly recommended to check out the compatibility of their tablets before using this method. You could find out the compatibility by visiting the compatibility chart available on the website of the manufacturer.

In case if it doesn’t support the tablet then there could be a possibility that your camera might work with the app. But as a drawback, you won’t be able to make the most out of the features.

This method will include the use of USB OTG Adapters and USB cables. So make sure that have this stuff. Otherwise, you could also buy this stuff online or at local stores.

USB OTG Adapter

You could use it to turn your tablet into a USB host so you could connect a wide range of devices with it. Now after gathering up the complete tools let’s start setting up the reverse camera right away.

Step 1

In the first step download and install the DSLR Controller on the tablet device.

Step 2

Now connect the one end of the USB OTG adapter with the tablet while another end with the reverse camera.

Before buying a USB cable you must keep in mind that the performance of every USB cable isn’t the same. So make sure that you’re going to purchase the high-end USB cable for efficient performance.

If everything goes well then real-time footage would appear via the app automatically when you’ll turn on the camera. Now you could place the reverse camera wherever you want and don’t forget to keep exploring the features of the DSLR controller to make the most out of it.


After exploring the whole topic it’s clear that the user could easily connect the reverse with a tablet using the methods discussed in this topic. Although before using any of the mentioned ways the user must evaluate different factors first such as compatibility.

On the other hand, the most suitable and easy method that could be used by any user is through the DSLR controller. But if it’s difficult for you to follow then you could go for other methods such as using a wireless connection and Liveview mode.

So if you need to place a reverse camera on a small distance then the method using Liveview mode could be ideal for you.

In case if the reverse camera needs to place at a longer distance then you must go for the method using a wireless connection. But before using this method make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection around you.

In the end, if the user follows these instructions properly then there would be no trouble at all! If you’re still having trouble then take the services of an expert.