When conducting an e-commerce company, the first priority is usually product fit and promotion and the past being accounting and accounting. But if profitability and cashflow isn’t monitored from the beginning — this can damage your company. Here we discuss how it is possible to join your Shopify shop to Xero to create Accountants for Ecommerce in London. Shopify (e-commerce applications) and Xero (cloud bookkeeping applications) are similar because they allow integrations with other third-party applications to save you money and time. They also integrate with each other providing you, the business owner a win-win situation and can get rid of the need for many dull and time-consuming tasks usually needed to maintain your accounts updated.

About Xero

Xero is an award-winning cloud accounting software that has helped countless business owners worldwide take charge of the finances, and it may help you too. If you are worried about navigating through the software, Accountants for Ecommerce in Hounslow. The Xero Dashboard displays all your key financial information and sets everything you need within easy reach — many attributes are just a click or two away.

Shopify is a favorite hosted e-commerce platform which enables small business owners to quickly and easily install and market online. Track orders, accept credit card payments and organize your goods, all with just a couple clicks. Integrating Shopify and Xero means that all your orders can be synced on a regular basis, taking away the need for you to manually enter them into your accounting system. Probability of human error when entering information. This should make your account compact and easy to analyses. In addition to syncing your earnings with Xero you can even sync yields data — making adjusting your account for yields much simpler and letting you see all your sales and yields in one easy-to-access location, instead of being fragmented. You can also easily manage tax rates for multiple unique nations, removing a part of the hassle of global selling. Xero will automatically install tax bureaus depending on the orders you import from Shopify.

When the integration between Xero and Shopify is established, all your sales data is readily accessible and manageable, making reporting and investigation so much easier. Having the ability to import your sales data into Xero on a daily basis means you can always track the most up-to-date data on your Xero dashboard that will allows you to respond to any possible problems much more quickly. You will also have access to sales data from manual entry, Shopify eCommerce as well as in-store orders (if you are using Shopify POS) all in 1 place. So, assessing the performance of your different sales channels becomes a breeze. You are able to compare performance between stations and alter how you allocate resources quickly and efficiently.

Xero and Shopify are incorporated through the Xero program and the next is only some of the benefits & characteristics of Xero integration with Shopify:

  • Automatically Apply Payments to Invoices created
  • Automatically Imports Payment Fees (feature available for most payment providers, such as Shopify Payments/Stripe and PayPal)
  • Full Support for Shopify POS
  • Automatically Imports/Matches Products
  • Automatically Imports/Matches Clients
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Set Xero Sales Account (Nominal Code) According to Product Sort
  • Establish Xero Tracking Category Options
  • Complete Support for Shopify Discount Vouchers and Coupons
  • Particular Support for Gift Cards
  • Invoices are matched to existing customer documents or new client records are made on the fly.
  • So how hard is the process of incorporating Xero with Shopify?


Integrating Shopify with Xero is fast and easy. Both companies are focused on bringing great advantages to companies, and fixing your day-to-day needs so that they create fantastic partners. Collectively, Shopify and Xero will make running your e-commerce company easier and let you concentrate on what really matters for you. If you want to learn more about Xero or want to take our discounted implementation to provide, submit your contact information here and one of our consultants will be in touch.