Cleaning your rugs can be a tedious task. They are difficult to vacuum and the process is often messy, but if you want them to look good for years to come it’s something that needs regular upkeep. You do not have to pay high fees for professional rug cleaning if you know these methods. 

Following these tips will help you to prevent staining and teach you everything you need to know about rug cleaning.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to deal with staining is to keep your rugs clean and refreshed. Regular maintenance makes the products long-lasting and germ-free. Clean your rugs daily to remove dirt and debris.

Vacuum Rugs

Rugs should be vacuumed once a week. You should vacuum more frequently in high traffic areas. Use baking soda to avoid dampness. It also makes rugs smell fresh. Please keep the airflow lower to avoid damaging the fibers.

Rotate Rugs

Overuse of one side of the carpets leads to faded spots. It could also mean the sunlight beats down one side of the rugs. That is why we recommend you rotate the carpets and use the other side of the carpets every six months.

Use Rug Cleaner

Keep a rug cleaner in your house. You can remove most stains if you react quickly. Prepare some formulas for different types of spill cleaning. You can search online for the formula, but it would be better if you hired professional rug cleaning experts for the task.

How to Clean Basic Rug Stains?

Many experts will suggest you use towels, paper to soak the dampness, but the first step is to remove debris and dirt on the fibers. Do not push the debris into the fibers. Now you should use a paper towel and stain removal solutions. After that, rinse the area with cold water and let it dry.

How to Clean Pet Stains?

Pet stains are very common, and you should know how to deal with them. The stains look bad and lead to potential health hazards. It would be better to clean them like other stains and not implement a hot water solution. You can also buy a pet removal cleaner for the best result.  

How to Clean Cotton Rugs?

Cotton is soft, durable and better than other materials. The best thing is, these types of rugs do not need much maintenance. Simple regular vacuuming is enough to clean these carpets.

However, brand new wool rugs are shed when you use a vacuum, but it is not a problem. The loose wool or cotton needs to be shaken out to make the carpets look better and refreshed.

How to Clean Jute Rugs?

Jute is a tough material, and it makes the task easier for you. If you want, you may not vacuum them regularly; only occasional vacuuming is enough for jute rugs.

However, you should clean the stains properly because it absorbs moisture and leads to mold, virus growth. Make sure you dry the area quickly with vacuum cleaners.

How to Clean Synthetic Fiber Rugs?

Most of the synthetic rugs are made with polyester, polypropylene and acrylic. It is good as an alternative to wool/cotton rugs, but it shows dirt quickly. Unlike wool, synthetic is smooth, so it tends to fade over time. That is why regular maintenance is a must.

Most people use synthetic carpets to enhance the beauty of the living room, but if you cannot maintain it properly, then you should hire professional rug cleaning services.

Please note that many synthetic carpets come with jute backing, so you may have to face all the problems related to jute carpets, like mold growth and health hazards.

How Do Professionals Deep Clean a Rug?

Deep cleaning makes things easier and more convenient. Professionals first check the care label if there is any specific consideration that they should take.

We use different methods to clean the carpets. In short, we follow these steps:

  • We prepare the area for drying. Professionals set equipment and carefully check the quality of the rugs.
  • Experts use vacuums to remove the dirt and apply a unique carpet cleaning formula to remove all the germs, dirt and viruses.
  • Lastly, we dry the rugs properly with our high-quality equipment to make them look fresh and clean.

Cleaning your rug on a regular basis will help keep it looking like new. However, if you want to give your rug the deep clean that it deserves, there are several methods professionals use which can be found in our blog post. If you’ve never cleaned your own carpet before and don’t know how to do so safely or effectively, contact us for professional water damage carpet Melbourne service today! Our water damage carpet cleaning service will take care of your carpets and rugs so they look just like new again!