Without any doubt, technology has taken an edge over our lives. With better solutions to provide, they have become the epicentre of our day to day activities.

With millions of accounts to keep up within your office to make your favourite coffee, technology has evolved everything. Imagine those logs of paper that lie in your office moving from one table to another in order to be scanned by the system again.

Invoices printed on paper lead to environmental delusion and just create another havoc of work.

What is e-Invoicing?

E-invoicing is the practice of the exchange of data and transactions for business to business  through digital platforms.

What Are the Advantages of E-invoicing?

According to the latest report, the adaptation of e-invoicing over conventional paper invoicing helps in the reduction of the cost by 80% and will contribute less towards the wastage of paper.

E-invoicing opens doors of profitable options for business owners. It increases the profit margins of the business that are not achievable with paper invoicing and also cuts down on pollution and paper wastage.

Caring about the amount of paper used in printing invoices has to be a matter of concern as a sustainable business owner. An invoice takes energy, paper envelopes, manpower, and stamps for the proper deliverability of one. As the usage of paper increases, it leads to the destruction of trees thereby contributing to global warming and climate change.

E-invoicing is the best alternative for paper invoicing without harming the environment.

What Other Benefits Come With E-invoicing?

Not only is human invoicing time consuming but also drains your entire energy. Adapting this major transformation has helped several companies to save those extra dollars that can be utilised for something great. According to research the massive shift from paper to digital invoices has helped several companies to save up to 90% in their accounts department.

Another benefit of switching to e-invoicing is the life cycle of trees. E-invoicing cuts down the deterioration of trees to several percentages and contributes towards the betterment of the environment at the same time cost and resources that can be used on other important tasks.

E-invoicing helps businesses to maintain electronic invoices of clients that come in handy and cannot be misplaced. E-invoices advantages are the major popular among sustainable businesses.

What Are the Three Pillars of a Sustainable Business?

Sustainable businesses are built on three pillars: Economic, Environmental, and Social.

Economic Pillar

The important aspect of any business to be sustainable is to be economically profitable. If the business has all the other aspects covered but is not profitable then it won’t withstand long. As a sustainable business, it is essential to include proper etiquette, risk management and governance to establish a strong foundation for your business.

Environmental Pillar

The limelight of any sustainable business is the environmental pillar. As a sustainable business, it is our responsibility to reduce packaging waste, carbon usage, paper wastage and other damage to the ecosystem.

Social Pillar

In order to run a successful business, it is essential to have a coworking environment that supports the approval of the employees for important decisions of the firm.

Summing It Up

A change for the better is always beneficial to adapt. By adapting e-invoicing you not only cut down the cost of resources that could be used on other important aspects of your business but you also take a step closer to protecting the environment. Adding a change in the invoicing system will not hamper the way you carry your business, but it can be a great source for a better change as it is cost-efficient, sustainable, and helps you sleep at peace without feeling the guilt inside.