Leather sofas are the most certain techniques to help accentuate as well as up the sophistication levels of your home décor. Vintage and contemporary designed leather sofas both equally boost the vibe of your living space. These kinds of upholstery do not just add grace and elegance to the space but also provide a lot of comfort and durability. When you invest in a leather sofa, you would be assured of its durability for years to come. However, for increasing its lifespan, you need to definitely work on its maintenance. The lifespan of your leather sofa largely depends on the kind of care it gets. Taking care of it is no rocket science. The higher efforts you devote in its upkeep, the longer it’d remain in a good state and also provide you with comfort. There are many professional leather cleaning service that would do the trick for you.

Below given are some tried and tested hacks that will help you to take care of your leather sofas:

1. Systematic Maintenance

  • Keep away from heat and Sun

The easiest rule to remember when it comes to leather sofa maintenance is that you need keep it away from direct heat and sunbeams. If it comes in contact with sunlight it can undergo cracking and losing colour which will definitely have an impact on its durability.

  • Regular Vacuuming needs to be done

If you plan to use any liquid detergent or cleaning agent for your leather sofa, then before that you need to vacuum it. For that you can use the soft brush attachment so the tiny specks of dirt and dust can be removed easily. This makes sure that filth does not rest and settle into the gaps and bends of your leather upholstery.

2. Leather conditioning

Leather, like human skin needs to be cleaned and conditioned from time-to-time. When you use home-based mixtures for leather cleaning and conditioning it can save you some money, but you should definitely consider cleaning your leather upholstery with specific products only. You should go for cleaning the leather upholstery with products that have least ammonia content in them. You also should consider opting for GREEN and organic products to avoid causing possible damage or discolouration to the leather fabric. Do not make the mistake of applying any chemical products available in the market onto your leather sofa in an attempt to clean the sofa. Conditioning of your leather upholstery also can be done using a solution of vinegar and linseed oil. For proper and correct leather conditioning, you can also approach leather upholstery cleaning Adelaide companies that specialize in leather upholstery cleaning service.

3. Stain Management

Leather sofas experience a lot of traffic especially when there are hyperactive kids and frisky pets jumping up and down on it. It can also experience traffic when there are a lot of visitors and guests at your place, when there is a social event at your place. This also in other words means that they are always susceptible to catching stains and spillages. Mentioned ahead are some techniques to clean leather sofas to safeguard your upholstery in the long term.

  • Alcohol usage

Using a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol, you can use it to clean a variety of stains from your leather upholstery. This mixture is helpful in managing mould stains, food stains and other darker ones as well. Before using this method, you need to be sure about the proportions of alcohol you would be using. If the proportion is excess it can cause further staining and spotting.

  • Lemon treatment

Combine lemon juice with cream of tartar or potassium bitartrate which is the best cleaning method for removing stains that are difficult to remove. Apply and keep this mixture on your leather upholstery for about 10 to 15 minutes, after which you can sponge the area with a sponge or wet cloth.

  • Baking soda 

Baking soda can work like magic on removal of any stain that has oil-base. Just scattering some on the stained or dirtied area and leaving it on for a few hours can help. The baking soda removes all the oil and helps manage the stain.

  • Aerosol sprays

If your kids have ever attempted to use permanent markers or sketch pens on your leather sofa then aerosol hairsprays are the appropriate way to treat the spoiled area. Spray the aerosol liquid on the stained area and let it stay on it for a few minutes.

4. Professional leather upholstery cleaning

Do not depend on on any local upholstery cleaner for their false and incredible claims. Work with only the best Leather sofa cleaning Adelaide company for maintenance of your leather upholstery. There are plenty upholstery cleaning companies in Adelaide area who say that they would delivering the top and professional leather cleaning services, but you should only work with experienced upholstery cleaning companies. Proficient companies have experienced professionals who have expertise in different proven upholstery cleaning techniques that do not cause any damage to your pets and family. If your upholstery cleaning company turns out to be a less experienced one, your precious family and pets are likely to catch health hazards such as rashes and allergies.Follow these hacks for leather cleaning and maintenance at home and connect with leather upholstery cleaning service in your locality for professional results. When you contact one for your leather upholstery cleaning Adelaide, you need to communicate your requirements. Professional leather cleaning service will make sure that you will have a hygienic leather sofa that will continue providing you with the same level of comfort through the years to come.