In a world where gloves have become essential garments for different activities, it is the proper fit of this article that determines a good experience at the time of use. In polo, for example, correctly selected polo gloves not only allow us to enjoy the game, but they can also lead us to victory.

To ensure a perfect fit it is essential to know our size, for that we must take the appropriate measurements of our hand ensuring that, at the time of purchase of polo gloves not only on the web but also in physical stores, the product we acquire satisfies needs completely.

Now, something that we do not want to overlook is the rigor with which polo gloves should be chosen, not only is it essential to have the appropriate measurements and have the correct size; We must know the characteristics of polo gloves in depth since this will depend on how comfortable we feel with them. First we must emphasize on the grip, that it has clear specifications of the material used in this area and verify its functionality, the polo gloves of the brand specialized in polo articles Krono Polo, are made of synthetic leather, complemented with a porous fabric that improves the regulation of the temperature inside the glove thus avoiding perspiration, as we know, sweat is one of the factors that negatively affects grip.

On the other hand, it is necessary to compare what innovations are in the market in search of favouring polo players. In the case of Krono, the polo gloves have been designed with double velcro, significantly improving the fit to the hand and achieving what the Krono Polo brand calls in its own words “second skin”, this is because the glove of Polo is perfectly incorporated, allowing you to keep the real feeling of the hand at all times, but increasing resistance and protection to maintain strength throughout the polo match.

To find out what size you are in polo gloves, you must take a measuring tape and put it around your hand extended at the level of the knuckles, leaving the big toe outside (as seen in the image). This measurement is equivalent to the circumference of your hand and you can relate it to the table that we teach you below for Krono polo gloves.

15.5 – 16 (6)XXS
16.5 (6.5)XS
17 – 19 (7 – 7.5)S
20 – 22 (8 – 8.5)M
23 – 24 (9 – 9.5)L
25 – 27 (10 – 10.5)XL
27+ (10.5+)XXL

Krono polo gloves are durable and easy to care for, it is important to keep them clean by washing them by hand or in the washing machine after each practice, thus ensuring that their qualities are preserved for a long time. Note: washing must always be in cold water so as not to affect the composition of the fabric.

The support that Krono has is due to the fact that it is the preferred brand of great players in different clubs internationally, a factor that gives confidence and allows us to believe in the attributes it has to offer. To learn more about Krono, you can visit its social networks and look at the international presence it currently has. Point in favour: shipments to any part of the world in record time.



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