Hardware for your beloved kitchen cabinets is not really something you do think about when planning your overall kitchen. But you must if you don’t. Apart from altering how your cooking space looks, it even plays a critical role in deciding how practical your kitchen is.  When you look forward to buy kitchen handles at Kaboodle Australia, consider the points discussed in this post to make a better choice.

Check the style of your interior design

Once choosing handles and knobs, keep in mind that you pay attention to your interior design style. For contemporary type of kitchens, it would be nice if you pick handles and knobs having clean, simple silhouettes such as bar handles.

Remember that polished finishes, and even finishes in matte black, chrome or even stainless steel do really well in a modern type of setting. However, more antique finishes, and also gold, nickel, brass, or bronze finishes are going to act better in a kitchen that is more of old school. For a better seamless look, it would be nice if you match your hardware with the rest of the fittings of your kitchen.

Size Matters

Make sure you pick the same length of handles across so that you might get a more consistent look that is not going to feel excessively cluttered or messy. In case you have cabinet doors that are of full-height or even taller than standard height, it would be a nice idea if you invest in longer handles to make it convenient to pull them open.

Remember that the drawers that are wider than eighty centimetre will also act better with longer handles than any sort of knobs. You can even choose to pick two shorter handles on additionally wide drawers or drawers where you are planning to store heavy types of pots and pans but ensure that you do not end up using simply one handle to pull the drawer open as that might harm your cabinet carpentry in simply time to come.

Don’t overlook ergonomics

You must not simply consider how your handles or knobs are going to look; you may want to ensure they are also ergonomic to use as you will be constantly opening and even closing your kitchen cabinets. Once you are shopping for handles, ensure your fingers (four of them!) Can easily fit around the handle well. You don’t really want any sort of sharp edges or tight spots that may make your cupboards uncomfortable or challenging to open. This is one thing that may turn out to be frustrating down the lane.

In case your kitchen has more drawers, simply choose handles since they will help to simply spread out the force required to pull them open. Otherwise, knobs are certainly going to work better with cabinet doors.


So, when you consider the discussed points, you would be in a better position to make a choice for your kitchen handles. After all, the right handles in your kitchen would make working and things simpler, efficient and more effective. You would get better aesthetics too!