This is a sensible electric scooter buying guide to help you pick the best electric scooter that suits your needs. Whether you’re a newbie or an enthusiast, these are important  things to consider before investing in an electric scooter, so read on:

Safety. Think twice or even thrice, about safety when considering buying an electric scooter. Electric scooter safety is the most important thing, so make this the first point to focus on when choosing an electric scooter – your safety!

Brakes. are the most important thing. It’s good when the electric scooter you’re thinking of buying builds up speed quickly, but you need to double-check how fast its stopping power is as well. Braking power is crucial. Do the brakes work immediately? Remember that well-maintained brakes work best.

Regularly change brake shoes and pads if you want brakes to work properly. MEARTH premium electric scooters have a regenerative electronic brake that’s great when you want to stop, smoothly. A rear foot brake is practical, and what’s great about it is the fact that it never fails. It’s always there for you at your disposal. Just step on the rear fender and you will stop.

Weight. When the manufacturer notes that the “weight limit is 150 pounds”, it means exactly that.  If you weigh 250 pounds and you want to ride your electric scooter, well, you can. It may take a while, but sooner than you think, the excess weight will cause total destruction of your electric scooter. Aside from poor performance, the braking system will be overburdened, too. Then, if you want to catch some speed on a slope, there will be a  big problem.

Heed, carefully read what the manufacturer states about the weight limit, and do not go beyond it. Apply the golden rule: if you are 120 pounds, take one that has a limit of 150 lbs or more. The battery will last longer, performances will be better, and your ride will be better.

Visibility. You want to be seen on the road, especially at night, right?   Time to choose bright electric scooter lights. Make sure that they are properly installed: the headlight must be positioned just above the front fender. The rear light must be built into the deck and the headlight installed into the vertical handlebar tube.  Make sure too, that another headlight is installed in the standing deck, while a rear light is placed on the rear fender. Oh, and don’t forget to place added lights on the side.

If the rear light is low, there isn’t much one can do except wear a reflective vest. If it can be connected to the braking system, when you touch a brake, it will emit a stronger light.  Overall, never ride an electric scooter without lights, or else, you’re courting danger.

Height matters. If the handlebar height is perfect for you, that’s just great! In which case, go ahead and buy the RS electric scooter.  If the handlebar is a bit too low or too high for you, verify if the electric scooter has handlebar height adjustment. This will help you adjust it accordingly. On standing deck dimensions,  whether you have small feet or bigger feet, it’s ok as long as you have enough room for your feet to stand on. 

Portability. How important is it to you? Well, this is something that’s easy to answer and easy to decide on. If you need an extra-fast folding system and an extra-light electric scooter for your everyday commute to work, then the Mearth S series is up to your alley. In the wink of an eye, the Mearth S electric scooter folds quickly. Its length is about one meter and its width is about 32 centimeters only. The awesome bonus is that it is lightweight! You can easily carry it and hop on the bus.

If you regularly commute to work, just fold it and put it under your table.  It doesn’t take up much space. And if you enjoy a weekend nature escape, just fold away your compact electric scooter, it can fit in a corner inside the trunk.

Comfort Level. For your riding comfort, reflect on these not-so noticeable factors, like seat, and tires. Mearth S electric scooter series has a seat option if you want one installed. For short commutes, you probably won’t need it. You see, the special thing about an electric scooter is the riding style – standing up.

Performance. It’s important that you know how fast you want to go. Or, what is the approximate range you can achieve with the kind of battery you’re getting?  For more power, ask for more watts.  All things considered, you need to look for good enough performance that will match your daily needs, and an electric scooter made of high-quality materials, superior electric scooter air pump along with regular maintenance will help keep it in good shape, for a good number of years.

The Mearth S series is agile and easily manageable. It’s also ideal for first-time electric scooter owners. Are you commuting to work, weaving through a crowded city? You don’t need too much power — 250 watts will get the job done as long as your route is not on a hilly road. Mearth top electric scooters provide various speeds from 8 mph to 50 mph. Check out these categories:

For kids (or beginners) – 8 mph

For more experienced kids and teenagers – 10-15 mph

For adults – 15-20mph

For adults who want to travel a greater distance — 20-50 mph

Now, if you want to travel longer distances or race with your friends off-road or on a trail, just pick the best one there is Mearth GTS series electric scooters, the legendary road champions. 

Destination. Time to talk about range. MEARTH electric scooters offer varying max speed and range that the rider can opt for.

Remember, the rider affects the range. The riding style is crucial. Make a mental note. Get an electric scooter that promises a slightly higher range. Be smarter, ride smoother, help your scooter on slopes and you’ll achieve greater range.

Tires are the only connecting point between the rider and the road.  You have the option to choose from different sizes and shapes and tire types. The size varies between 5-12 inches. What about a flat-free tire? With good suspension, you won’t have issues concerning comfort and possible puncture problems.

Cost. If you ride to work, you want a safe, reliable, fast, compact, foldable, fast charging, sleek electric scooter. That’s the high-quality materials and features you’re talking about. Your investment would be somewhere between $600-$1,500.

Now comes the tipping point. You know your budget, needs, and your skill level. Be honest about what electric scooter you can handle or maneuver easily. Avoid scooters that are too powerful if you’re not yet skillful. When it comes to needs, compute how many miles your daily commute is. Mearth RS is great for daily commuting.  So, if you’re thinking of another way of getting around the city, it is advisable to get an electric scooter. You save on transportation money and it will be fun. Just inspect everything. Be a wise buyer.