Choosing the perfect boat for your next vacation might be quite difficult. The options are versatile; do you need a sailing boat, a motorboat or a catamaran?

Well, it all depends on your own needs and preferences, and today we’ll talk about the options you have and help you find the perfect boat for your next vacation at sea.

Would a motorboat fit your needs?

When choosing a motorboat, you have to decide between a large one that requires a professional skipper and a small one that you could drive by yourself.

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People who choose a large motorboat usually have priority in having a peaceful vacation without having to worry about the weather, where to anchor, the route or anything else that a skipper can handle.

Also, on large motorboats, you can usually find a jet ski, SUP or something else that you can use for some extra activity. And also you can enjoy in private yacht trips for very luxuries experience.

The upper hand of choosing a motorboat is its speed; you can travel faster and visit more places in less time than with a sailing boat, and you can avoid bad weather if you encounter it.

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A sailing boat might fit your needs

If you like to take it slowly, a sailing boat might be perfect for you. There are two types of sailing boats: cruising and performance.

Performance sailing boats are usually picked by teams to attend regattas or team buildings, as they are made to have extraordinary sailing performances, especially in more demanding sailing conditions.

Sailing boats that fall under the Cruising category and are made for those looking for maximum comfort.

Of course, with a sailing boat, you will need to hire a professional skipper as it is quite more complicated to manoeuvre than a motorboat.

Catamaran boats are on the rise in popularity

Catamarans are the best of both worlds: they mix the advantages of a sailing boat and a motorboat into one mighty cruising machine.

They have two engines and are easy to manoeuvre, and with their size are much more comfortable than the previous two mentioned. 

Catamaran boats are almost as agile as sailing boats, and can easily fit two families or a larger company.

Their only downside is their width, which prevents them from mooring in smaller ports, so you will have to port at a buoy. 

Luxury yacht – crème de la crème

If you need all the luxury and comfort that you can get – renting a luxury yacht will do it. It is the most precious experience money can buy, and if your next vacation is in Croatia, why not cruise the natural beauties with a five-star service?

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With a luxury yacht, you will get the finest equipment onboard, an extensive array of guest facilities and entertainment systems. Do you want to have BBQ on the boat? No problem.

Need a jacuzzi? Sure thing. Whatever you can think of, there is a yacht that will fit those needs.

Luxury yachts differ in size, so you can go with your loved one or bring your whole family. Now that you are fully equipped with boat knowledge, go ahead and book your next perfect vacation at sea.