Find out how to choose the best electric bike based on your needs and thanks to our tips. Since e-bikes have taken over from classic bicycles, the world of cycling has changed considerably. So find yourselves the best electric road bike for the money and thrive in the benefits of cycling.

These are functional tools, which have many qualities and which, depending on the intended use, can offer various benefits.

But how to choose the ideal electric bike?

If you too have decided to make this purchase, read on, here you can find out all the tips to make the right choice and live your experiences on two wheels to the fullest.

1. What kind of electric bike to buy? Choose according to your needs.

Just like classic bikes, electric bicycles are not all the same, but there are many categories, made in such a way as to meet the needs of more or less sporty cyclists. Let’s start with this premise because the first step in understanding how to choose the perfect electric bike for you is to answer some questions:

What use do you want to make of your next bike?

Do you plan to use it during everyday life, to move between home and work, or for long off-road rides?

Clarifying your ideas in this sense is essential if you want to make a targeted purchase, which you can be satisfied with for a long time.

For example, if you want to buy an electric bike to go shopping, to work or to make short trips around the city, the ideal choice is an electric city-bike with a refined and elegant design, equipped with a basket and luggage rack.

Do you also usually use public transport? Then opt for a foldable e-bike, perfect for loading on the train or bus. If, on the other hand, you want to buy an e-bike to have fun during the weekends, even covering long distances on unpaved paths, then what is right for you is a bicycle with sportier geometries and ideal for offering you support and stability on unpaved roads. So better an e-mtb, a trekking e-bike or a gravel e-bike.

2. Length and type of routes: here is what to choose the characteristics of battery and motor.

After identifying the e-bike category that might be right for you, it’s time to think about the electrical characteristics. In particular, it is good to pay attention to the type of engine and the battery.

For instance:

If you need a bicycle that will guarantee you assistance to tackle short and mostly flat routes, a mid-range e-bike, with a lithium battery of about 300Wh, could be fine.

If, on the other hand, you need a pedal assisted bike to tackle very long routes, in which there are even several differences in height, then it is better to focus on a lithium battery of at least 400 or 500 Wh.

This applies to both city e-bikes and sportier electric bikes.

Before proceeding with the purchase, however, remember to consider that when you need to tackle many climbs the battery charge runs out before it does on flat trails, so even if the kilometers of your usual routes are not many, a little powerful battery may be insufficient. The motor normally has a power of 250 Watts and, in order to have the guarantee that you will not run out of service after a short time, it is important to make sure that it is manufactured by a reliable brand.

3. Beware of too low costs: better to focus on quality.

Each category of electric bike, especially based on the characteristics with which it is made, can have different costs compared to the others. Our advice is not to focus on cheap electric bikes that may be of poor quality and not be able to meet your needs, but to rely without any doubt on first choice products.

The best electric bike must be suitable for the contexts you usually frequent (city, mountain, road), and based on this it will be made with different materials that can be more or less expensive. 

Now that you’ve read our tips, choosing your next e-bike will be much easier. Identify your ideal category, based on the type and length of the routes you would like to tackle, identify the right electrical characteristics and do not be won over by too low prices, but aim for excellence. To help you more, we suggest you buy your bike from this electric bike manufacturer. Good luck and have a nice day!