You only have a few moments to make an impression behind the bar, and your custom tap handle acts as a tiny, inanimate brand ambassador, and you are probably wondering what materials to use for their manufacturing: ceramic, wood tap handle, or some other material.

The choice depends on a number of factors, including personal preferences, aesthetics, and usability that you would like to achieve.

Keep reading to find out more about the features of the most commonly used materials and what is better to choose for your business:

  • Wood

Typically hardwood varieties (alder or ash tree) are used for the manufacturing of custom tap handles.

Wood handles are quite light and easy to operate; they can be given any desired look and color. This is the best raw material to realize all design fantasies. Also, wood tap handle can be engraved, stained, or laser cut to create a unique look that customers are sure to love.

Keep in mind that wooden models need maintenance and may fail as a result of excessive mechanical impact.

  • Ceramic

It is another popular option among brewers, which can be oval, elongated, or paddle-shaped.

They are quite durable and easy to operate, although if you are not careful enough, they can be broken.

Also, you can add branding by placing the necessary information on a square or round plate.

  • Resin

It is the ideal material for custom tap handles. Such models are rather lightweight and easy to use. If desired, they can be painted to resemble other materials like wood or metal, or customized further by adding decals with your brand or logo.

  • Metal

Metal tap handles look sleek and modern. You can choose any shape, they can be engraved, or laser cut to create a look that truly represents the pub’s style and values. 

The surface of metal tap handles is magnetized, which allows you to quickly change out the decals when it’s time to introduce a new beverage.

  • Acrylic

It is one of the most affordable materials for tap handle manufacturing. You can choose any style, color, or branding. Like ceramic, this material can be broken.

Hopefully, this review has helped you to figure out the main features of the raw materials used for beer tap handle manufacturing. If it hasn’t, contact the Xpress Tap Handles team. Here you will find the widest range of quality ceramic and wood tap handles at the most affordable prices on the market. 

The brand consultants are ready, willing, and able to provide advice and guidance, to find out which materials might work best for your business. We are sure you’ll be satisfied!