A diamond blade is actually a crushing device specially designed for  angle grinder cut concrete, granite, asphalt cutting blade, etc. Therefore, diamond cutting blades really are well-appreciated throughout the development company. Diamond saw blades usually are certainly not all alike. To get competent to minimize distinctive assets, a number of diamond identified rotor cutting blades were made. Learning the diamond cutting method, speed and cutting technique may help us find the finest diamond blade.

Cutting Process Of Diamond Blade

They’re called blades, but diamond blades excel at grinding rather than cutting. In fact, they cannot cut through hard and tight materials. The grinding process relies on the blade’s diamond particles. The cutting is considered complete when the blade entirely penetrates the material. So, they can also be referred to as precision diamond grinding blades from UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools.

Diamond Cutting Speed

Diamond blades’ service life is influenced by speed. Because the diamond grits on the diamond saw blade are consumed more quickly at higher speeds, the blade’s lifespan is shortened. Different customer types have different needs for diamond blades. For instance, large building contractors prefer some blades with quick cutting speeds, even though this necessitates frequent blade changes. However, because of the project’s deadline, they are willing to accept this.

Cutting Method Of Diamond Blade

Diamond circular saw blade are usually used for wet or dry cutting. On extremely hard materials like old concrete and reinforced concrete, wet cutting is frequently employed. Since cutting these materials produces a lot of heat and dust, it is a good idea to use water to cool down and remove dust while cutting. Power tools are typically used for dry cutting. because using power tools while wet is unsafe.

Selection Of Diamond Saw Blades

Generally speaking, before we choose a angle grinder diamond blade, we must know what it is used for cutting.

  1. Marble, granite

Granite and marble are typically cut using turbo diamond blades. Turbo granite cutting wheel can dry cut these materials very effectively because they combine the benefits of segmented and continuous rim blades.

  • Ceramic

When cutting, we typically use a continuous tooth saw blade to ensure that the cutting surface is smooth. Of course, there are also specialized diamond blades for ceramic materials available today—fine turbo diamond blades.

  • Concrete

Due to the extreme hardness of concrete, a sharp segmented saw blade is typically chosen for cutting. It is specialized concrete grinding wheel and can effectively improve work efficiency.Contact us to know more about how to cut concrete with angle grinder.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in diamond hand saw, you can contact BSP tools to learn more.