A large part of your hunting gear comprises of your hunting clothes. In the last decade or so, hunting clothing has evolved manifolds. With an ever-increasing advancements in the industry of fabric where a new type of fabric blends from natural and synthetic material is created every day., hunters have to no longer settle for the old cotton and bulky woolen clothes. Now it is possible to create a complete clothing gear for hunting which is customizable and is suitable in any kind of hunting environment.

But wait, don’t just rush yet. Before you even think of creating a hunting clothing gear for yourself, consider the following: What type of hunting you will be doing. To put it more clearly, as the questions, how, when, and where you will be hunting. These are the questions that will decide other factors that will decide your hunting conditions which will, in turn, influence your choice of clothes. Factors such as mobility, weather conditions, activity level, terrain, weather patterns will be decided well if you answer right to those questions. For example, if you hunt in different mixed environments, then you will most likely be needing a gear that has a layering system well enough to deal with all types of hunting.

You are going to need those hunting clothes which are moisture-wicking and breathable so when it is hot and you are going uphill, chasing that dear and when the mercury levels are rising, your clothes should keep you cool. You will also need clothing that will keep you warm in cold weather and where you have low activity. Then you are going to include some gear for hunting in the rain because you never know what kind of weather you will experience.

Don’t walk out from preparing to do them all in one clothing set up as it is worth your time, money and life. If you do a layering system, then trust me you will be able to go with ease ninety percent of the time. It will only be in rough weather like extreme hot and extreme cold that you are going to need a special set of clothing. You will only those rubber apparels when you are hunting by the coastline where there can be heavy rainfall. Or maybe you will need those husky made clothing for hunting in the arctic, but then those situations are rare. Any hunting day can be of a weather you might not predict and if you have multi-layered clothing setup, then you are going to be in for a treat. Just by making some minor adjustments, you will be good to go for any given day. Go on ahead and read what you need to do.

Base Layers:

Merino wool is always better than synthetic. It will outperform the synthetic in every known way. Wool is highly efficient at keeping your body temperature intact. The nice thing about merino is that it keep you warm in cold weather while acts as a moisture-wicking tool in summer. And the good thing is: it doesn’t stink! And I mean literally. Synthetic ones are prone to retain odor and will smell just after hours of usage. But pure merino wool does not even after days of usage. Wool is still a good insulator even when it gets wet but synthetics don’t. If you do your hunting in changing weather conditions, then you would be better off in starting with lightweight merino wool. And if you are hunting in summer, you can go for merino boxers to keep it cool.

The Mid Layers:

The second layering in your gear should comprise of insulation. Such types of clothes that you will be able to take on and or off easily without any hassle depending on the weather conditions. For such layering synthetic fleece works best. It is neither too pricy nor too heavy. However, they are extremely good insulators and are warm and quiet. You will be able to manage your core temps fairly easily.

The Outer Layers:

For cold weather, you will need outer layers that insulate your body heat to the outside temperature. For example, if you are having long glassing sessions you are going to need insulating layers in cold conditions. When you need some extra warmth in the open chilly areas, the outer layer will protect you from the outer cold. Fleece-lined clothes work best for this purpose. Also, fleece is very durable so it will do a great job.


Buy a good pair of hunting pants that can withstand all types of weather conditions. Also, look for durability and how comfortable they are. Consider how much activity you will be doing. Will you be running or staying mostly in one place for stealth kills? Always look for a pair of pants that don’t make any sound as you don’t want to scare away your target. Pants crafted from merino wool are the quietest.

Rain Gear

Every type of cloth will be pretty much useless if it is not water-resistant. If it is cold and you get soaked then your apparel will prove to be counterproductive. When it snows or rains, you can expect some of the worst outcomes of your trip. But don’t worry as there are plenty of hunting gears for raining out there for you to choose from. These will keep you warm and dry.


Always keep two hats with you, the ones like Lo pro to shade your face from the scorching sunlight and the Merino types to keep yourself warm.


No hunting apparel is completed unless you have gaiters with you. These should be designed to keep moisture out of the boots and keep them odor-free and bacteria-free.


Like all the hunters you should always have two pairs of gloves. One to keep you warm in cold weather and the heavy ones on extremely chilly conditions.

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