An electric smoker is an industrially manufactured device that allows you to smoke products without your direct participation. The principle of operation is simple: you connect the device, load the products of combustion and smoke, then place the meat or fish, and then set the temperature. All! Now the home smokehouse works by itself and, as they say, does not ask for food. Such a unit can even be put in an apartment, so it can work in winter. But how to choose the best electric smoker? I will talk about this in this review of popular models.


Electric home smokehouse to work on wood chips and briquettes. In the first case, smoke is produced using a wood chip smoke generator. The smoke generator is a woodchip container with an incandescent coil, which, by burning sawdust, produces smoke. 

In the second case, smoke is produced from the burning of special industrially produced briquettes. In this case, you just need to select briquettes of a certain type of wood and load them into the briquette receiver. 

Features of work

What are the conceptual differences between the two types of smokehouses?

  1. Smokehouse on wood chips . The volume of the loading container, depending on the manufacturer, starts from 10 kg of wood chips. A full load of the smoke generator container is enough for 8 hours of continuous operation. At the same time, electricity consumption is about 0.6 kWh. Wood chips can consist not only of one type of wood, it can be a mixture of several varieties.
  2.  The use of wood chips from a third party manufacturer other than the smoker manufacturer will in most cases not impair the operation of the stove. However, when using other wood chips, you should first test the combustion of a small amount of raw materials to make sure that the smoker and wood chips are compatible.
  3. Smokehouse on briquettes . Briquettes for smoking are made from hard wood chips. Sold in packs of 3 to 120 pieces. There are from a certain type of wood and mixed. On average, the burning of one briquette is 20 minutes. That is, with long-term cold smoking, you will need 24-120 pieces of briquettes. The advantages of briquettes, unlike loose wood chips, are ergonomic shape and packaging, ease of use. The only drawback is the high price. The algorithm for burning briquettes is simple: the briquette smolders in the smoke generator on the heating element, after 20 minutes of smoldering, the spent briquette falls into a bowl of water.

Overview of the best models

Today, there are numerous electric smokehouses for the home on the market that will satisfy even the most demanding public. Prices, shapes and dimensions vary, so each consumer will be able to choose their universal model. We present our rating of smokehouses, which is based on consumer reviews and professional opinion of experts.

Smokehouse Alvin ECU

The desktop collapsible structure is made of steel (stack thickness – 0.8 mm) and is controlled mechanically. It has a tray for collecting fat, also includes a grate and a lid. Unit power – 750 watts. It is multifunctional and mobile, because it can work not only from the network, but also on coals.

Among the shortcomings, low wear resistance can be noted, because the coating peels off over time, and the metal is deformed. However, at this price (about 3.500) this is understandable. In general, the model is economical, convenient and easy to use.

Smokehouse Muurikka Electric 1100 W

This smokehouse is 2.5 times more expensive than the previous version. It is more powerful, heavy and strong, lasts longer, but also costs about 10.500 rubles. Floor construction, power 1100 W, the unit is made of steel. The kit includes: a pan for collecting fat, grate, lid. It is 50 cm long and 25 cm in diameter. Weight 5.6 kg.

Of the minuses, one can note the price (in some stores it shamelessly sells for 15.000) and relatively, but still tangible penetration of smoke outside the smokehouse.

Smokehouse Anuka electric

This is a desktop model, the power of work is 500 watts. The manufacturer calls the case material “combined”. The composition is not only steel, but also a non-stick coating made of cast aluminum. In the kit you get a lid, a grill and a cover. The smoker is equipped with a timer. In length, it will take 56 cm of your space, in width – 26 cm, as well as in height. The weight is 5.4 kg. The handles are plastic. Sawdust consumption is about 2 cups per smoking.

People note the convenience of this model, it is easy to clean and easy to set up. But still the price (about 11.000) is an unpleasant circumstance for many. However, if we compare it with the first copy, then it should be noted that it lasts longer.