The electric vehicle market is a rapidly developing branch of the global economy. The number of electric cars produced and sold is growing every year, primarily due to their main advantages, particularly:

  • simplicity of use;
  • economy;
  • model diversity.

The main incentive for electric transport development is a well-organized charging infrastructure around the globe. However, more and more electric car lovers are considering buying a personal charging station. Let’s review the key aspects of this option.

Home Charging Station Advantages

As the practice shows, at the moment, electric cars are the vehicles that are most often charged at home. Therefore,buying a personal charging station is a priority for the owner of an electric car. One of the key roles here plays the EVnoon company. It was established to improve the experience of interacting with an electric vehicle. EVroon is involved in consulting and helps with the selection of suitable home charging stations that have optimal power and price.

The cost of charging an electric car at public stations is several times more expensive than at a personal one. Therefore, the benefits of installing home electric vehicle supply equipment are initially obvious, even with an initial substantial investment.

The wall charging station offers better power modules than standard chargers for electric cars. Sometimes these elements are simply absent in the basic configuration of electric vehicles or break down after short use.

The personal charging stations have variable characteristics. The electric vehicle supply equipment can be selected by power (from 7 to 22 kW), the number of phases, and protection. As a result, you would have the optimal home charging point for an electric vehicle, which offers:

  • permanent service – for charging an electric car at a more economic night rate;
  • remote access – to monitor the status of the electric vehicle and readiness for the road;
  • wide functionality – to calculate the cost of charging and analyze the power grid;
  • safety – protection against dangerous voltage and current leakage;
  • comfortable ergonomics for everyday use.

The most important thing that a personal charging station offers is versatility of use. It doesn’t matter what kind of electric car you have and where it was manufactured—in the US, Europe, or China—you can charge any model as well as choose an electric car among auction cars and use it freely.

The Differences in Charging Ports

Various cars have different charging ports and capabilities. At the same time, even the same Tesla model can have distinct charging ports because the manufacturer modifies cars with different ports for the American and European markets.

If you have an electric car from the USA, then there will be a single-phase charging port j1772-Type1. Depending on the electric vehicle, the maximum current power during charging can reach 40A. You can confidently install charging with a built-in Type cable. In this case, it will be very convenient and quick to put your electric car on charge, and you will be able to use its charging capabilities to the maximum.

If you have a European electric car, then there’s a high probability that it will be equipped with a three-phase Type2 charging port from Mennekes. You should also realize that the maximum charging speed is also different depending on the car. Usually, the charging power of electric vehicles ranges from 11 to 22 kW, but there are some Renault models that can charge with power up to 44 kW. Thus, if you have an electric car equipped with a Type2 port, you can charge it with a built-in Type 2 charging cable or use a Type2 outlet. Additionally, it’s possible to purchase a Type2-Type2 cable so that you can use this cable at public charge points.

If you have a Chinese electric car, it will most likely be equipped with a GB/T charging port. In this case, you can either buy a charger with a GB/T cable or purchase an adapter and charge from a more standard charge.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a charging station is a serious step. From the home electric vehicle supply equipment choice will depend not only on comfort but also on the electric car safety, device effectiveness, the charging speed, the stability of the network, and many other factors. When searching for a suitable solution, you should bear in mind that they are calculated under different conditions of placement and use, and even have different purposes.

Before you buy home electric vehicle supply equipment, professionals recommend a few life hacks to maximize the possibilities of the station. It’s recommended, for example, to charge an electric vehicle at a public charging station a few times. This is necessary in order to establish what maximum power the model of your electric car takes. Based on these indicators, it will be easier for a specialized company to offer the best option for electric charging and provide the most appropriate equipment for your electric car. You can also use vin check to find out the history of an electric car.