Over the past few years, technology has advanced to a point where the sentence “anything is possible” might just sound true. It has enabled human beings to access so many things they were not able to access before. One of the most amazing and revolutionary things invented are small and powerful motors. 

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The new motors have enabled us to use them in the smaller things, which make our everyday life better. One of such things is ‘Electric Skateboards’. The e-skateboards are one of the many new trend-setters in the World at the moment. Not only they seem ‘cool’, but they are also very useful in modern life in best electric skateboard under 300 USD ..

Here are some of the best Electric Skateboards to Buy for you:

Inboard M1:


The Inboard is claimed to have used the old-school technology, as well as the modern technology. It is a hybrid technology as this board can be used as any traditional skateboard available in the market and also, it can be used with the motors. This board comes with two hub motors in the rear wheels instead of your cliché gear system or belt-drive.

Just to justify its elevated price of 1100$, it comes with the regenerative braking, a convenient feature that feeds energy back to the battery for extended usage.

This board is the best Electric Skateboard to Buy which is best Waterproof electric skateboard.

Boosted Mini S:


Boosted makes some of the best electric skateboards in the market and the Mini S is nothing else. The company has added a kicktail which makes it easier to turn on sharper cuts. Although it does not have a bigger battery like its other siblings, this board is one of the best for travelers.

This board comes with the company’s top-notch control system, making the acceleration and deceleration smoother and steadier than all the other boards available in the market. Coming with a price of 749$, this board is an absolute delight.

Acton Blink QU4TRO:


Electric skateboards come in all sizes and shapes in the market as every company thrives to give their customers something different and classier than others. But at this point, the QU4TRO is the only skateboard that comes with 4-hub motors. This specification makes it one of the fastest boards available in the market. 

It tops up to a speed of 23 miles per hour and can travel up to 22 miles on a single charge. The only downside of this board is its weight. Coming with power-dense lithium-ion batteries to support the 4-hub motors, its weight feels like a ton. This also means that this board isn’t made to play around and can be tricky to make turns as compared to smaller and lighter boards.

This board is basically made for speed junkies and thrill seekers as it costs around 1700$, which is quite a massive price for an electric skateboard.


The market is constantly evolving and new products are coming in every now and then. But the products mentioned above are probably the best ones available in the market.

Happy Skating!