How To Change My Name On Among Us is the question That Lots of players in the United States, Canada, India, and also the United Kingdom are asking.

When you first started booting the game up on PC or cellular, the account name was created, and it had been established by default. If you want to change or provide a new name to your game account, you want to change it manually.

To your assistance and aid, this guide is made that provides A fast rundown of the methods to change the name in One of Us.

You have to understand that the query The Way To Change Name On Among Us Mobile and PC is rather the same. Thus, please keep reading to find out the methods of altering the name in the game.

What are the Limits to Change One Of Us Name?

The game programmer has not set any limit to change the Title or account name Among Us.

However, it is necessary to know the Right methods for altering The name. Anyway, it’s also essential to understand supported platforms in which players can change the titles.

Android, iOS, and Windows PC are the supportive platforms, and players may follow the steps to change the accounts name across these platforms.

In many cases, players don’t need to change the title they obtained by Default when they first boot up the game.

· Players have to launch the Among Us game in their PC, Android apparatus, or iOS device.

· As the game starts, players need to navigate to the online or local menu and get the main menu display from that point.

· In the primary menu, they will see a box in the top corner of the display.

· If you have not played any game, the box will look blank, and if you’ve played any sport, it is going to display the participant name.

· You have to delete the name and type the new name you would like to produce and make certain that the name comprises ten characters.

· After typing the title you would like to create, you need to move and tap from the box, and the name you entered would get stored.

· Now, whenever you start the game, it is going to show the new name generated by you.


Hopefully, You’re aware Of the measures of The Way To Change Name On Among Us Mobile and PC.

Among Us is your new online feeling, and it’s resulted in an Invasion of emergency meeting memes. Players start gaming with the default name created at the time of booting the game up. However, there are possibilities to alter the default title.

The process needs to be completed manually, and the measures are cited above.