Admit it, you’ve been in this situation too – your birthday is tomorrow or even today, and you have no idea how you will celebrate it. You don’t want it to be like the previous two years, or you don’t have much money, or you’re in a Saturn hole and you don’t feel like celebrating at all, or you don’t want to offend someone by not inviting them, or you’re just too lazy to think about what you’re going to do on the day…

We offer different options to help you in your wondering (and to make ourselves easy to understand).

Hire space in a bar

You automatically lose your biggest worry when hosting an event – gathering so many people and worrying how you will feed them and cater for them as they all have different tastes. You don’t have to think about anything too stressful, and time-consuming such as shopping, cooking and cleaning the place for the event. You just have to show up and be in a good mood!

We know the perfect place for celebrating birthdays, and not only birthdays but any type of party. Somewhere that has a Five-star service guarantee and a location you and your guests will love. McGowans is a bar located on Phibsboro Road in Dublin. It offers a great variety of food and drinks and has different venue sizes, so you can pick what is best for your needs.

Check McGowans venues for hire here.

Home party with friends

It should be cheaper than taking them to a restaurant or a bar. In addition, you choose the happy birthday song yourself, and after the end of the party you can directly go to bed without thinking about how you and your friends are going to get home, you don’t have to try to remember your way home in a drunken haze, and no more than 20 people will see your weird dance moves. This one is my favourite option! 

Home party with the family

A more relaxed and quieter version of a gathering with friends is at home. On this day, the most special person is you, and no one will give you more love than those closest to you, especially your family. There is a considerable probability that the love you will receive will be expressed in the form of cake or home cooked dinner dish prepared by your mother. Plus you do not need to overly do it, just make sure your house is clean-ish with no dust before your mum notices! 

Restaurant with your significant other

It has the potential to be very romantic if you choose the right restaurant. It could be someone with whom you share a common memory with – this is where you had your first dinner together, where he suggested you move in with him or even better where he proposed to you!. Being spoiled like this makes you feel taken care of you.

At the park (if the weather is good)

A complete sense of freedom, fresh air, the smell of grass, and accommodating guests requires nothing more than a few blankets thrown on the grass, and you can wear the most casual clothes you feel most comfortable in. The list of entertainments is not limited to normal eating, drinking and music but can also include light sports or simply lying half asleep enjoying the sun.

Do something you love

Forget your prejudices, and don’t feel obligated to treat everyone you can think of just because you’re a year older. As already mentioned, today you are the most important one, and if you don’t please yourself now, when? So dedicate the day to what you love to do the most. If you feel like playing games, play games or go skydiving, or spend the afternoon in bed with a jar of Nutella chocolate. If you feel like it is right on your birthday, then it’s the right thing to do, and you deserve to treat yourself. It will certainly be a more distinct memory than another destruction of overeating and overdrinking.

Do something new

The meaning of a birthday is a new beginning. You forget everything bad and promise yourself to be a new person. Is there something you’ve wanted to do for a long time but keep finding reasons not to do? Surrender to your true calling, reveal your feelings to your crush and do something fun and stupid that you will remember forever. Whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it. There’s no better day to start than your birthday. Everything is easier on your birthday, and nothing seems impossible.

Go on a holiday

Why not escape and go to your favourite destination? You can go there alone, with a friend, or with your partner. There are so many options out there. Being at our favourite places with favourite people charges us with so much energy, and this is exactly what you need when starting a new beginning.

Final thoughts

We should remember that on birthdays we should care most about ourselves and what we want to do. There are so many ways you can celebrate your birthday and make your day even more special. Just make sure you do it for yourself.