Discord is a free, cross-platform, multifunctional messenger with the possibility of text, voice, and video communication, that is, with support for VoIP. The app works on the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, and allows users to communicate with each other from different devices. There is also an online version that works directly from the browser.

The messenger is very popular among computer players online games since it allows several participants to talk during the game and coordinate actions in real time, as well as chat offline.

Verification is an obligatory measure to prove a user’s identity and unlock a full range of functionalities available on the platform. 

The essence of platform functioning is that soul mates create communities (both open and closed ones). New users come to these communities. If a community (server) is full of fake accounts, this can lead to endless spamming. For this reason, verification is required. So here, let’s find out how to bypass phone verification Discord.

Discord Servers

A server is one of the kinds of ways to chat within the messenger. It is like a house in a city. Multiple servers exist within the network. Participants can be added only upon invitation. A server consists of voice and text channels. These are special closed rooms where players can either chat by message or talk by voice, respectively. Additionally, the following types of channels can be created:

  • Introduction (such channels are designed for making new friends and getting acquainted with platform functionalities. Here, newcomers usually introduce each other and show their interests);
  • New (in such chances, the latest announcements and news are published. Users can visit them to learn what’s new happens in the community, update schedules for upcoming events, etc.);
  • General (such channels are created for the discussion of general topics. Here, soul mates are gathered to discuss topics of interest and exchange opinions on some world and game events);
  • Technical (in such channels, all sorts of tech problems, malfunctions, or breaks are discussed. Users visit such servers to find answers to problems and find users who have faced the same cases.).

Generally, this is not the whole list of all possible channels. The list is endless since each user can create a topic of interest. But now, let’s make it more precise by listing several figures. Remember that one user can join a maximum of 100 servers at a time. One server on the Discord platform can accommodate a maximum of 250.000 participants at a time. Only 50 servers are currently available in the system. Thus, no more than 500 channels can be created. 

2 Ways to Bypass Discord Verification

As mentioned above, to sort out real profiles from fakes and robots, a mandatory verification procedure is required. This measure allows filtering accounts and ensures that only real users are registered on the platform. Let’s see how to verify phone number on Discord.

The administration can use one of two possible solutions to check users’ identities:

  • Authentication of occasional phones;
  • Verification of phone levels.

The first option is used when suspicious activities have been noticed. In this case, an SMS code is sent to a specified phone number occasionally, without prior notice.

The second case is applicable as the highest measure for account security providing. In this case, users specify their numbers in the profiles and confirm them with SMS codes. Just a temp phone number for Discord is needed to prove your identity.

Note that depending on the type of your activity and your behavior on the platform, users can be asked to verify accounts different numbers of times, starting from several times per month or just once for the entire experience with Discord.

Possible Problems with Verification

In the course of passing the verification procedure, the following cases can arise:

  • A newbie chooses the code of not his/her country;
  • The phone number has already been registered and is in use; thus, a newcomer tries to register multiple accounts on one number;
  • A newbie does not have a smartphone number to pass verification;
  • The platform blocks your profile due to burner account detection;
  • The entered verification code is incorrect.

In any of these cases, you should contact managers or solve problems yourself. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bypass the procedure. And unverified users can’t use software functionalities.

Account Verification without the Smartphone

Is it possible to verify a profile if you do not have a phone? Yes, it is! And no, email won’t help here. Let’s see how to verify Discord without a phone.

Have you ever heard about temporary virtual numbers? Due to the use of such numbers even those clients who do not have smartphones can enjoy the platform and chat with friends, family members, and distant acquaintances.

These numbers are bought on special websites that allow getting numbers of other states and making calls without having a phone. By leaving a request and paying for it, the number of the needed country is given to you. For example, the number with the +1 code is assigned if you want to call as an American citizen. The service allows making international calls with low fees, avoiding roaming and contacting interlocutors from all over the world.

To draw the line, note that Discord is a popular platform for video calls and text chatting. A phone number is required to register and verify accounts. Still, those clients who do not have numbers can create accounts using toll-free virtual numbers.