Buying gifts can prove to be a challenging task for many—be that for birthdays, Christmas or other festive celebrations or anniversaries. Of course, the question of how well you know the person you are purchasing a present for is the most crucial thing. If you are buying for your best friend or partner then it may be easier as you could be spending a lot of time with them which would allow you to get an insight into their lives and simultaneously into their likes and dislikes.

However, sometimes no matter how well you know someone you are still clueless in regards to what to choose for them. This is mostly because you want to select the best thing which would suit their needs perfectly.

Below I will give a few ideas in regards to selecting gifts based on the closeness of your relationship to certain individuals.

It’s customary to give housewarming gifts when invited to a friend or family member’s new home as a way of congratulating them on their move.

1. Siblings.

Buying gifts for siblings could be either the hardest or the easiest task. Naturally, this also depends on how well you know your younger brother or older sister.

If you have a younger brother or sister who is still into games or toys then try to pay attention to which ones he/she mentions at dinner as a way to gauge whether a sequel or an extension pack to his/her current most liked game would be something that would be appreciated.

However, sometimes it’s good to give gifts which are completely different to your siblings’ liking as a way to expand their comfort zone and to introduce them to a wider range of activities. This might include something creative such as Lego, puzzles or even a new set of paints and pens.

Whilst this may appear quite straightforward, perhaps the task of buying a present for an older sister or brother could be a bit more challenging. Despite growing up with your older sister you can probably acknowledge that she has become more serious over the years and that she no longer listens to One Direction on her CD player. Due to this you might find yourself in a state of panic when you realize that her birthday is in a few days.

Firstly, don’t panic and try to ask subtle questions that are not as obvious as “what are your hobbies”. At the end of the day it’s the effort and the thought that counts. Even though you haven’t seen her touch her CD player in years, it might be the perfect opportunity to buy one of her old favorites out of nostalgia, showing her how you remember your shared memories.

You could also make something hand-made. A painting of your secret hiding place as children or simply a drawing or a collage of pictures of you two along the years.

Siblings often don’t show clear affection towards each other, however, they do love one another. Perhaps it’s time for you to voice those emotions using words and a lovely card.

2. Best friends/friends.

Purchasing gifts for your best friend could be either tedious or one of the most enjoyable shopping trips you’ll ever have.

People tend to have millions of inside jokes with friends that could be reflected through a collection of smaller objects in a gift package. You could buy something funny such as an ugly pair of socks that you know they’ll hate just to see how well they can remain composed and respectful before collectively bursting into laughter. If your friends have reached the legal drinking age then perhaps a nice bottle of wine (and bon bons) could complete the package.

Similarly to siblings, best friends play a huge role in our lives. Sometimes they are even closer than family or act as a replacement if one does not have any. Due to this, if you could create something personal and creative they would probably start shedding tears of joy. A good example of this would be a framed childhood photo of the two of you alongside a current one.

3. Parents and Grandparents.

Perhaps buying presents for your parents could be the most challenging out of all. Despite living with them you may have forgotten to pay attention to what they actually like and they probably have stopped mentioning those things a long time ago.

Just because someone grows up and has their own children or grandchildren does not mean that they don’t deserve something nice and fun.

Of course, creative ideas are nearly always the jackpot, but assuming that the fridge is already filled with your childhood drawings, maybe you could give something different.

You probably have heard your mum and dad complain about work, meaning that the phrase “I hate my new job” could sound familiar. Perhaps the perfect gift for them would be to finally relax and have a weekend for themselves. Whilst it may only appear as a temporary gift, I am quite certain that they will remember it.

But how can you gift relaxation? Well, if you help around the house or garden or simply tell them that you will take care of something whilst they go away for a weekend. If you have a larger budget then a pair of plane tickets or a week on a cruise could also be something to consider!