After a bike and a helmet, a good pair of cycling shorts is your next best investment. With so many options, there’s always one that’s right for you. This guide will help you choose the best cycling shorts for your next ride.

TYPES: The first question to ask is: loose or tight? There are basically two types of cycling shorts, one is tight elastic inner shorts and loose outer shorts, and then there are no shells. There are trade-offs to each, but typically road riding tribes wear spandex, while mountain bike suits wear loose. of course, there are exceptions. Bike to work or go to a coffee shop? Loose and baggy. Racing your mountain bike? Go for spandex.

HALARA Road biker shorts: Higher Road riding speeds can make puffy shorts annoying and slow. Also, on long, hot climbs, when you feel the asphalt melting under your tires, single-ply shorts will keep you cooler than double-ply bags. Among the skinny styles, there are two subtypes.

HALARA Shorts: These cycling shorts feature an integrated mesh suspender and are a racer’s choice. The advantage of a bib is that it can be leaned back (avoiding the dreaded bike plumber’s crack) and won’t restrict your breathing. With nothing on the shoulders, HALARA shorts have one big advantage: You can answer the call of nature without taking off your jersey.

Mountain biker shorts: on the soil, baggy shorts reign supreme. In a nutshell, mountain bikes are going slower and parked more and more to get out and about after a ride, giving comfortable Baggies an edge. Pro tip: Look for baggy shorts with the inner shorts separated from the outer shell. This way, you can wash panties separately, mix and match as your shorts collection grows, or even pair bib shorts under loose shells for the best of both worlds.

Material: Cycling shorts like NeoPro bib shorts are made of different grades of stretch panties and nylon shells. There are some considerations. The short material on the inside should wick sweat and support the muscles. Outer plus size biker shorts should be durable and at least to some extent waterproof. With a bib, the more mesh you have in the upper half, the cooler it feels. For buggies, consider the weight, stiffness and elasticity of the shell. The lighter is cool and it is effective to stretch it a little. Don’t forget the noise-some loose shells make a loud noise every time you step on the pedal  

Types: Bike shorts can come with a variety of different suede pads, and the bike seat-shaped pads make them so amazing. Suede goes from a basic uniform foam pad to a 3D masterpiece of modern technology that wicks away moisture. Some of the best suede pads have varying degrees of padding, with thicker padding under the “seat bones” where most of your weight falls on the seat.

Fit: Although bike shorts are stretchy, they’re not one-size-fits-all. Different brands and different versions can be very inconsistent. (When shopping online, be sure to check the brand’s fit guide to see which size is right for you.) Look for leg openings that fit comfortably, won’t bind or ride on your legs, and the suede won’t sit too forward or too far Lean back and provide adequate coverage for your lower back. For the shell, the adjustable waist belt is the key to riding and riding comfort.

A number of panels: Fit is also partly determined by the number of panels sewn onto the shorts. In short, more panels = more money = better fit.

INSEAM: Spandex and baggy shorts are available in different lengths. Your ideal length will depend on your leg length and your riding style. A rule of thumb: The more suspension the bike has, the longer the baggy shorts will be. Women’s shorts usually have shorter inseams, but not all women like this, and there are longer loose and non-loose shortstop options. Bike Shorts, Bike Shorts, and More Bike Shorts – Because Can You Have Too Many?

Allow me to tell you a little secret: I never really learned how to ride a bike. Like, I can do it, but I’ll probably fall and/or give up in five minutes. That being said, it doesn’t really matter – because anyone can wear plus size bike shorts, even if they don’t really know how to ride a bike. While the cycling shorts trend seemed a little odd to me at first, I totally agree with it now. Initially, I didn’t quite get it, since I only wore bike shorts as a teenager to prevent thigh chafing (and had limited options for tackling these ~thick thighs~). But some plus-size influencers lead the way, and I started to fully understand why bike shorts are so popular right now.

If you’ve ever wondered how to wear bike shorts in a cool way (I definitely do, so hopefully you’re wondering too), you’re in luck. There are many easy ways to design a variety of different types of cycling shorts. Personally, I love the concept of pairing bike shorts with oversized buttons and heels or sneakers – it depends on the vibe you want. Pairing bike shorts with a sweatshirt and dad sneakers is lovely. Or, you can wear bike shorts with an oversized cool tee – maybe the pattern is a little mismatched. Basically, have fun and wear the AF that makes you feel cool.

Now that you’ve (hopefully) got some ideas on how to wear plus size bike shorts, here are some cute pairs (49 to be exact) to shop. Sure, there aren’t as many plus sizes as straight sizes (who’s surprised?), but there are plenty of different styles to choose from this summer. Bike shorts are a fun way to stay cool and on-trend this season — even into fall — so shop it, babes.