The original jogging pants were pants made from cotton sweatpants that were loose and tapered at the calf and ankle. They’re designed to keep you comfortable while “jogging,” keep you warm and absorb sweat to keep you dry. They’ve been so successful as “anytime wear” comfort pants that they’ve become very fashionable. So if you’re wondering how to look stylish in jogging pants, read our ultimate guide on how to wear jogging pants in ultra-chic outfits!

Why do you need a guide?

Because it’s easy to look out of shape and sloppy if you don’t buy the right jogging pants for your purpose. When you browse the rows of high rise joggers, you’ll see that some are designed for vegetarian meals at home. Other styles of jogging pants have a slimmer cut and better fabric to look good and comfy when you’re out and about enjoying your leisure time.

How to choose stylish and flattering jogging pants

The main reason jogging pants look less appealing is the poor quality of the fabric that doesn’t provide enough structure for many body types. Jogging pants are usually loose around the hips and thighs, then taper to a snug fit around the ankles. And the looser your pants are around the hips, the bigger your hips will appear!

Do we want that? No, we don’t. There’s nothing wrong with having well-defined buttocks; in fact, it’s very attractive to men. But the key is to wear clothes that accentuate your entire hourglass figure by snugly conforming to your silhouette—not so tight that they tug, and not so loose that they make you look bigger. No matter your body type, you always look your best in clothes that fit you.

So for this year’s trendy jogging outfits, you need to pay more attention to their fit before buying. Pay particular attention to jogging pants with a slimmer cut, they still function as easy, comfortable, and warm pants, but don’t add any extra bulk to the hips and thighs. Many fashion stars have begun to combine stunning style with jogger comfort, so let’s take a look at the most trending jogger clothing this year.

How to Find the Best Fit Stylish Jogging Pants

Avoid the cheapest jogging pants, as they’re made of stretch cotton, which has loose stretch and won’t support or shape your succulent areas. Of course, if you’re a slimmer or oblong body type with no curves, this type of jogging pants might be just right for you.

However, anyone, which is to say, most of us (lol!) have some extra slack somewhere below the waist and benefit from a tightly structured fabric. So look for quality fabrics that smooth out bumps and create a little extra smoothness to the silhouette. We’re going to upgrade our jogging clothes to make them look cool and stylish.

Synthetic high-rise joggers

So for good structure, try jogging pants in twill or twill, which has no stretch and your body is well supported. ALARA Brand has many fine-fabric, slim-cut joggers that are flattering and perfect for slacks.

Since the goal is to find jogging pants that are comfortable but have a little extra bulk when choosing pants to try on, avoid jogging pants that look large around the hips. Choose twill, polyester, or nylon styles as they tend to be thicker fabrics with a modern, slim fit. This year’s cotton french terry joggers are also available in a slim fit, which contains only a small amount of elastane to ensure they hold their shape.

What to Wear with Joggers – Fashion outfits with jogger street style, keeping in mind the colors and how bright you want the look. If you want to stand out, go for bold colors. These winter/spring colors are gorgeous jewel tones including royal blue, royal blue, burgundy, turquoise, forest green, mustard yellow, deep pink, charcoal grey, and spring dove grey. All browns are in trend this year, including chocolate brown, sand, light brown, camel, beige, khaki, and cream. If subtle colors are your thing, drab greens, dark grays, and coffee-brown joggers work well with grunge outfits.

Joggers and off-the-shoulder tops

For a touch of glamour, why not wear a black long-sleeve off-the-shoulder crop top with bright turquoise joggers, flat loafers, and a small crossbody tote. Make sure to brush your hair and apply a nice bright lipstick for added style and finish, and you’ll look and feel great. But without sacrificing any of the comforts you get from a jogger!

Summer joggers and cropped cardigans

In summer, you can wear crop tops in summer colors, all soft pastel shades: romantic lavender, forget-me-not blue, shell pink, lovely aqua, baby chicken yellow, light moss green, light red. And I’m special A cropped cardigan is recommended to elevate the look by pairing it with slim jogging pants for a slim, youthful style.

The cropped cardigan is gorgeous with lace colors, pearl and jewel buttons and can be worn alone as a buttoned sweater or worn underneath with an Italian spaghetti tee. The cut length accentuates your waist in a flattering way. They create a very feminine look that you can wear with lace-up sandals for your evening outings or summer sneakers for your daytime activities.

Jogger Pants and Striped Sailor Top

Another popular style that can dress up high rise joggers is the French Breton sailor top, which has a white background with black, navy, or red stripes. Add a matching silk scarf and sneakers with black or red or navy joggers for a themed chic look!

HALARA Jogging pants

Don’t forget hats are back in fashion this year, including Trilby and Fedora hats, so there are plenty of trendy jogging outfits that you can complete with a fancy-brimmed hat. I just managed to scratch the surface of our new way of wearing comfortable jogging pants this year.