In the real estate industry, whether you are experienced or a first time buyer, making mistakes can be so costly not only in terms of money but also in time and your preference because you might end up acquiring a house that is not good for you and your family. However, with the right data and information about the type, price and location of the houses you may be interested in buying makes the whole process easy.  With the rise of the internet, companies like Mansiondeal have made this information and data available to the general public for free. You can now access thousands of properties for sale listed on the website by trusted real estate agents all over the country.

What are the five steps of buying a house in Kenya?

1. Find a registered real estate agent and weigh your budget

In the process of buying a house you will have to make some down payment which will cater for the expenses such as the legal fees which might cost up to 2% of the house value. You will also need a stamp duty fee, title search fee, mortgage fees, insurance fee and finally other additional costs. With this in mind you will be able to plan well for your budget to avoid getting a low quality property.

2. Find your perfect taste or design 

Different people have different designs. Buying a house that you and your family will live in for a long period will not be selective of a perfect design that will satisfy you and your family. You should consider factors like, will your furniture fit into that house; will you have space for kids to play, or will you need extra space for your guest?

3. Make your offer 

After you find your perfect design you will have time to make an offer whereby if you are using real estate agents you will need their expertise at this point to ensure that you buy a house with the best price. This will also help you write the amount you are willing to pay with at least 20% down payment for the house.

4. Consider arranging for a house inspection

After you make your official negotiation with the seller, you will need to look for house inspection professionals. They will help you check on house safety such as electrical systems, plumbing systems and leaking pipes. They will also check on the drainage system, insulation and ventilation to ensure the selected house is safe for you and your family.

5. Offer to purchase and signing a sale agreement

At this point you will have checked on all the factors to ensure your safety for the new house as  a buyer. The purchase agreement will include the name of the seller. The property address , the closing day  of the deal and the amount you are paying to settle the cost of your new house with all the conditions met, you will have acquired a quality and perfect house for you and your family.