The promotion of content remains an important means of link building and enhancing your SEO. The days are long gone where you can stop shopping links, but links remain one of the top 3. You need an outstanding link Profile to point to your domain when you choose to rank in 2021.

However, given that winning ties aren’t getting any better. It can also be hard to know where to target your efforts to optimize your return.

Case Analysis

If you do a fine job, why don’t you tell the world about it? Others want to know how their colleagues work because there’s a lot that can be learned from a well-to-do case study. When you start posting a case study through social media and inside the networks. Your insight into the systems becomes important. And you won’t normally fail to use them to create contacts from business publications.

Contributions by expert

At least one specialist works in any company. Many organizations have several professionals to rely on their experience. Experts from a Digital Marketing Agency are one of the key tools from a marketing material point of view.

Many advertisers believe that a linkable commodity would be “something” (e.g. an infographic, a blog post, an eBook) when, in fact, individuals may be one of the most appealing to content publishers.

Expert Roundup

While expert roundups might not be as effective as they once were, they remain a cost-effective way to get ties from bloggers and specialists.

This type of “ego-bait” works because everyone loves to share something about themselves. If you can persuade 10, 20, 50, or even 100 “experts” to add a piece of advice to a roundup. There is a fair possibility that they can relate as long as they have an ‘As seen in’ or ‘In the News’ page.


Although interviews can be time-consuming to schedule and put together. If you’re willing to interview additional industry professionals and host your blog. This can be a perfect way to make contacts. When you’re interviewing, base your questions on subjects that you know your broader audience is very interested in.

Are you willing to allow the professional to share expert knowledge and suggestions, tips, and guidance? If so, again, you have something of importance that you can get through to other related publishers to make connections.

Collaborate with the Content Plan

If you’re trying to get ties from new markets and duplicate service. Consider partnering with a compatible (non-competing) brand on a content initiative. Let’s claim that you do SEO for a bed retailer. How about teaming up with a road safety charity to increase awareness about the dangers of drowsy driving?

You will highlight your expertise by mentioning the value of ensuring a proper night’s sleep as the charity can add insight into the broader risks and figures.

Local PR Regulations

And if you are a national or a foreign brand, don’t turn your back on local publications and consider digital marketing services. Local newspapers and web outlets (for example, Lancashire Business View, an online and print publication connecting companies in the county of Lancashire, UK) are usually excellent ways to do one of two things:

  • Coverage of land news.
  • Provide professional advice and encouragement via a daily column.

What has to be noted is that, in many instances, local newspapers are limited to funding. This means that, in many cases, they welcome high-quality material and stories for two reasons:

  • They’re geared towards telling local success stories.
  • It’s normally easy for them to take a well-written press release or post. Make a few minor edits, and print it as it is.

It’s easy to miss these possibilities when you branch out to wider publications. But local links usually are much easier to gain while maintaining a high degree of credibility and market importance.

Articles & Papers on studies

If you’re in a position to do your own analysis and bring together a white paper. This can be a perfect place to create industry-specific connections. Now, in many situations, this is more applicable to B2B businesses than B2C, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t feasible. If it’s kitchen appliances and you’re contemplating food and fitness research. Or going back to an earlier case, a bed store doing sleep habits research.

Long Type Guides

If you’re in B2B or B2C, long-form instructional guides (referred to as “power pages”) can be a perfect way to get links from both resource pages and contextually. You guessed it: since longer material normally adds relevance to the subject and includes knowledge that some would like to relate to.

The first step here is to consider the questions that your audience is posing – forming the foundation for the guides that you will create to address them better than any other resource out there (take a look at those which rank in the top 5 positions).

These were some tips to build links with content marketing and thrive online. Try these unique strategies to bring more audience to your brand.