Oftentimes, Inventions are brought about by pressing needs. If you want to build an interior door all by yourself, then you’re in the right place. In the piece of writing, you will learn how to put an interior door together and how to overcome all challenges you might face during the process. 

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  • Understand the components of the door you plan to build

There are several types of interior doors. Hence, it is important to know the exact type of door you intend to build. Generally, a door consists of a rail, a panel, and a stile. The rail links the stiles, which are the basic door structure, together. 

  • Take proper measurements 

One of the most important steps in building a door is to take adequate measurements of the door frame. Generally, frames are usually bigger than doors. Therefore, you should measure the frame’s length and width before starting.

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  • Acquire the necessary Materials

Keep in mind that masonite is the best material you can use to build good interior doors. However, whatever material you are using should be strong and resilient. The materials you select determine the quality of the door you will build. Therefore, select only quality wooden materials that are durable and can withstand pressure.

  • Start Assembling Your Door Components 

Having acquired the necessary materials to build your interior door, the next step is to start putting your door components together. 

 It is advisable to start with a stile. Make sure it is properly carved in a square shape in line with your previous measurement. 

Ensure all your door components are well straightened. Take your take doing this to avoid having a door that leans towards one side than the other. 

Make sure to Cut all your rails to the same length, but the rail widths may be cut differently, depending on where you intend to position it on the door. 

The panel should be cut carefully according to the initial measurement, and you should ensure there’s enough space for the panel to fit into its position. 

  • Join Your Door Together 

This is a very crucial stage, as a slight mistake at this point can make or mar your efforts so far. You can join your door using several techniques; whichever procedure you follow, ensure you are in line with the door’s initial structure during the entire process. 

Drill all the necessary holes, smoothen all edges and position your panels correctly. Be extra careful when working on the door joints. Ensure all the joints are strong and stable, then glue all parts together and wait for them to get dry. 

  • Position your Hinges and Doorknobs

Having joined your door components together, you should then drill holes for your doorknobs on both sides. 

You should also attach hinges to the door before attaching them to the frame.  

  • Paint your Door 

Painting makes Interior doors look nice. Although it is not compulsory to paint your door, painting it not only beautifies your environment but also encloses all rough patches on the door. 

If you followed the above-mentioned steps appropriately, you should have built an interior door by yourself. Kudos to you.