Company culture is something that might not have been a major consideration years ago. But modern society has progressed to a point that businesses are expected to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment.

What is company culture?

The company culture is less of a definitive ‘thing’ and more of a fluid entity that directly impacts almost every part of the company. It’s the little things like team building activities indoor that make employees feel safe and valued and like a legitimate part of the team.

How to build positive company culture 

Of course, the bottom line and the product or service are always going to be important but without the employees, the business simply wouldn’t be possible. Businesses that focus all of their energy on profit and little on culture can end up cultivating a negative company culture that will lead to high staff turnaround, low productivity and poor performance, in general. But how should you be doing the opposite and instilling a culture of positivity at work?

Values – The values of the company should be shared by the entire team to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction. That doesn’t mean they need to remain the same year after year either. Have frequent discussions with your team to figure out what it is that drives them and what you can be doing as a company to make them feel more fulfilled.

Communication – Lines of communication need to remain flexible and open between employee and employer. This way, the relationship is going to feel more supportive and transparent than a typical hierarchical structure.

Rewards – Incentives are a wonderful way to reward gd work and make employees feel as if they are making a difference in the business and their own lives. Consider monetary rewards such as prepaid cards from open banking solutions or more practical rewards such as paid days off or company nights out. 

Feedback – Feedback doesn’t always need to be a bad thing. Constructive feedback delivered with compassion is always going to be valuable. But don’t neglect the positive feedback either. Let your employees know when they’ve done a good job too.

Concern – During the week, people typically spend more time at work than they do at home with the people they love. Making them feel cared for helps with that disconnect a little and will make them feel more at home at the office. Be vulnerable and open with your employees and stamp out workplace bullying as soon as it reveals itself.

Ideas – Don’t close yourself off to the ideas of others. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to see something in the clearest light, after all. Encourage everyone to share their ideas and you’ll cultivate a culture that’s more inspiring and better equipped to facilitate growth.