If you want to brew a tasty original beer at home, buy the products of Brooklyn Brew Shop in Canada. Home brewing kits of this brand are popular among many beginner brewers, as they are easy to use and allow one to brew truly good beer.

Read our article to know what you need to start brewing and what kit is best for this purpose.

What Do I Need to Start Brewing at Home?

Brooklyn Brew Shop was founded more than 10 years ago so that every New Yorker, obsessed with brewing and somewhat limited in space, could brew delicious beer at home. This idea became so popular that the products of the company are used not only by domestic brewers but even by ordinary fans of this alcoholic beverage.

Everything is simple: to brew beer at home, you do not need any specific knowledge, expensive ingredients, and large equipment.

Just buy a kit with everything you need – and get started!

The kit includes the following ingredients and equipment:

  1. One gallon glass fermenter (3.8 l)
  2. Vinyl Tubes and Clamps
  3. Brewing mix
  4. Yeast
  5. Hop
  6. Glass alcohol thermometer
  7. Lock chamber
  8. Racking cane and tip
  9. Screw cap Stopper
  10.  No-rinse sanitizer

The huge advantage of such kits is that they are reusable.

All you need is to buy another beer making kit and no-rinse sanitizer.

How to Choose a Homebrew Kit for Beginners?

The product range includes a wide selection of home brewing kit:

  • Bruxelles Blonde — light-bodied and fresh Belgian ale with a gentle malt flavor;
  • Oatmeal Stout — dark stout with a flavor of coffee, chocolate, and roasted chestnuts.
  • Chestnut Brown Ale is known for its rich and nutty flavor.
  • Afternoon Wheat Beer is light-bodied wheat beer with a refreshingly floral hop aroma.
  • Beer Geek Breakfast Stout – mild and delicate coffee taste and rich body.
  • BrewDog Elvis Juice Beer — is a beverage with a bitter edge and a bright citrus sip. 
  • New England IPA Beer — is characterized by mild bitterness, rich hop taste with juicy fruit flavors.

Do you know where to buy the products of Brooklyn Brew Shop in Canada? 

Visit Beverage Craft’s online store. Here you will find the best selection and affordable prices for all brewing kits.  Contact Beverage Craft’s consultants and they will gladly help you find the right products, teach you how to use them, and arrange delivery right to your door.