Amidst the rapidly increasing competition, sustaining a business is a tedious job, especially with growing digitization. It is imperative to have an effective marketing strategy implemented that accounts for user behavior and helps increase your customer base while being cost-effective.

Efficient marketing strategies have their foundations based on how you deliver your message to your target audience and the approach you undertake to boost sales while sustaining a profit and integrating it with digitization.

7 Smart Marketing Strategies to Fuel Business Growth

With the rapid advancement of social media platforms, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and blogging, a small business owner might feel baffled when choosing the right marketing approach.

To help you with the tedious task of choosing a marketing strategy for business growth, here are seven efficient ones that can work wonders for your business –

Make the Most of Social Media Platforms

Several businesses today rely entirely on social media for profits and growth. Selling on social media is more accessible, manageable, and economical. A whopping 73% of marketers believe that their social media marketing efforts have been effective in fueling their business growth.

Almost everyone with an internet connection and a smartphone uses social media platforms to interact with their friends, influencers, and brands. You can start your social media channel to interact with your customers, listen to their reviews, address complaints, and even sell products.

Social media marketing helps increase the visibility and traffic to your eCommerce website and fuels marketing for business growth. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts are fueled by social media shares of articles, photographs, and videos. These elements influence search results by improving your relevance on social media platforms.

Publish Fresh and Engaging Content

Content marketing is an efficient approach to boosting audience engagement, establishing your brand presence, and driving sales. The content you upload on social media, blogging websites, or video platforms must get updated regularly to ensure audience engagement.

Being consistent in your brand voice, style, and pitch across all marketing channels reinforces your credibility, establishes trust, and builds your brand reputation. Keep your audience engaged with interactive social media posts about the latest ongoing trends.

You can address questions and interact with customers online to establish a greater sense of trust. If your audience regularly views your content online, they will feel confident purchasing from you. Besides, placing effective calls-to-action (CTA) in your content helps generate new leads and ensures higher conversion rates. 

Email Marketing is Never Outdated

Email marketing is a robust tool for driving lead conversion, provided that your message does not get caught in spam filters or gets ignored. Email marketing helps target prospects and buyers to influence their buying decisions.

The effectiveness of this business growth marketing technique depends on parameters like open rates and click-through rates, which is why a well-devised strategy is pivotal. 89% of marketers rely on email as the primary channel to generate new leads.

One of the most effective strategies is email marketing sequences – automatic messages delivered to end-users who have subscribed to your mailing list to strengthen relationships.

Classify your list depending on email responses and clicks. For instance, if a user clicks on a specific link, they might be interested in something particular, which is why you must mark them as a subscriber of that product/service. If a user purchases an item/service, mark them as a buyer.

Use Videos as Marketing Tools

Video content has become exceedingly effective in delivering your message to the appropriate audience. According to Aberdeen Group research, companies that had video marketing as a part of their marketing campaign witnessed a 49% increase in income annually over those that did not. 

You can create video tutorials to spread the word about your brand and its products/services or offer free live webinars to demonstrate how your products/services will improve their lives. Walk people through your product’s working via step-by-step instructions to gain faster visibility and drive sales.

People often open YouTube to learn about something visually. Therefore, you must analyze what you could teach in your business to help customers resolve a deterrent. Consider hiring a growth marketing agency that excels in video marketing to help you with the job.

Collaborate with Social media Influencers

Influencers spread the word about your brand, which helps boost your social media awareness and drives sales. 49% of buyers rely on influencer recommendations before finalizing a purchase.

To ensure that you reach out to your target audience, pick the right influencer in your niche. It is not just about broadcasting your message but ensuring that it reaches the target audience. Influencer marketing helps you market to a massive audience for a small investment. 

Social media influencers are ideal if your sales systems and products are lined up. Opt for influencer marketing if you believe you are providing a converting offer, and the only thing you need is awareness. Review the situation and contact relevant influencers to get their prices. Begin with small tests and expand into successful strategies.

Understand the Power of SEO

SEO is a remarkably effective tool if you are willing to put in the effort and time. Do not be fooled by companies that claim to boost SEO in a short duration using dubious PBNs, as they are ineffective in the long run. 

SEO must not involve overusing keywords, a practice performed by several businesses. You must create human-friendly material that is also ranked high on search engines. Always use engaging, informative, and unique phrases that deliver value to your target audience.

Search engines will display your content on a user’s search result page if what you offer on your website is well optimized. 

Take Advantage of PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a paid advertising approach that depends on an auction-based system. PPC lets you bid on keywords you want your ads to pop up for, implying that your ad shows up every time a user’s search contains that specific keyword.

These ads then pop up above organic listings at the top of search results. If a user clicks on your advertisement, you will get charged for that particular click and not for occupying the ad space. Hire a decent growth agency to help you with PPC and merge SEO with it effectively.

When a user clicks your ad, they will get redirected to your landing page, where they will find a call-to-action (CTA) to convert, either by purchasing a commodity, purchasing a service, or signing up for an email newsletter.

Whether your brand has an established presence in search results or not, PPC can optimize your conversions even beyond that. PPC paired with SEO can help achieve your digital marketing goals cost-effectively and ensure high conversion rates if you have a clear CTA.

Final Words

The marketing strategies listed above can help you pick one that might work best for your business. These strategies range from understanding your buyers, establishing trust, minimizing cart abandonment to leveraging digital marketing channels.

You must understand how your brand responds to different strategies and what works best. Amura Marketing Technologies can help you in this aspect by providing its expertise in digital marketing services