Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and each passing day brings more ease and convenience. Internet of Things or IoT is the talk of the town and people are harnessing the power of it due to added benefits such as cost and energy saving.

With each passing day, people are realizing the benefits of IoT and adopting it insistently. At the macro level, enterprises are taking advantage of IoT to make the processes easier. From manufacturers to retailers, and healthcare to logistics, the Internet of Things is becoming part of every industry.

As most of the common people might not know what is IoT all about, what are the benefits, and how to boost IoT security in smart homes. The post is written to help understand the basics of IoT.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things is the network of devices/physical objects rooted with the sensor to exchange and connect data with other devices.

From the above definition, one thing is clear that you need to have an internet connection to get started with a smart home journey. You can’t afford to have a slow and snail-paced internet if you are planning to build a smart home. The reason is that not only will you need to connect smart devices, but also other ones as well such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

When it comes to staying connected seamlessly, many ISPs advertise the speed that is not delivered any other day. To avoid such kind of situation, Spectrum promotions can help you secure reliable and seamless connectivity without grumbling. Not only will you get high-speed internet, but also cable TV with an extensive channel lineup and a home phone with unlimited features.

Benefits of Internet of Things

There are several reasons why people are adopting the internet of things at home and in the offices. Here are some of the benefits of IoT and home automation.

Control from Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of IoT is that you can control everything with a touch of a button or in some cases through your voice. For instance, if you have installed smart lights at your home or in the office, you can easily turn them on or off from any part of the home. Similarly, if you are having a smart TV, you can change channels, access the menu, or turn its volume up and down.

Energy Conservation

IoT devices are largely used to save electricity and other resources to reduce costs and save money. For instance, Nest Thermostat can help you control room temperature and learn preferences at different times. In addition, you can also conserve water with an IoT water level sensor to save water and avoid wasting it.

Optimal Security

With smart home automation, you can take the security of your assets to a whole new level. With a plethora of devices available on the market such as smart doorbells, smart locks, and smart cameras, you don’t need to pay a security guard to protect your vicinity. Thus smart home security devices can help you save cost every month by investing in it for one time.

Tracking the Usage and Consumption

Smart home devices such as Nest Thermostat can help you keep watch on monthly and weekly stats. You can figure out how to control the consumption and set limits to it. By doing this, you can easily save hundreds of dollars every year without breaking a sweat.

Now you have an idea about the benefits of the internet of things, it is time to take a quick overview of how to boost IoT security in smart homes. Let’s check it out.

How to Boost IoT Security in Smart Homes?

In this interconnected world, being hacked has become a new normal. When it comes to IoT, you can’t take it lightly as anyone can break into the system and take control. Here’s how to boost IoT security in your smart home.

Secure Your Router

The router is the gateway to all your devices whether it be smart or conventional. If you want to protect your smart home from hackers, the first thing you need to change is the default name and password. Default names can give hints to hackers to break into the network and do whatever they want. However, by changing the default name of your router, things will turn out to be quite difficult.

Similarly, when it comes to security, setting up a unique password for your router is a must. Don’t try to be lazy when deciding a password for your network. You can use free password generator tools or use your own. But keep in mind, if you are using your own, just make it unique and include everything from capital to small characters to special characters and numbers. Never include your name, address, or any other thing that can be guessed easily.

Integrate Security Patches  

One of the best ways to secure your IoT in a smart home is to purchase devices that have the updated security patches installed. Moreover, keep a close eye on the ports of smart devices. It will help you to perimeter under control whereas security patches will defend against potential threats on the smart devices.

Set up Separate Network for Smart Devices

If you are using the same old router for years, now is the time to change. At least if you are setting up your smart home for the first time. The reason to replace your old router with a new one is that it comes with the latest technology allowing you to keep connected while doing heavy tasks. Moreover, the routers also help you set up secondary and guest networks. This means you can create a separate network for IoT devices and protect your main network. In case, you have to give the password to a stranger, you can easily create a guest account temporarily and give access. All of these aforementioned tips can help you secure your smart home without prior knowledge.