The world of personal training is fast growing and the needs for trainers spin across different age groups and demographics. As the population continues to age, it is evident that the necessity for fitness instructors and trainers will remain the same, as people continue to discover that working out is the elixir of youth we all need.

While training with older adults, you cannot use the same level of intensity as you do with your regular clients. There are several things you have to put into consideration while still making sure that your clients are getting the maximum benefits from your program. This may include considering their health status, their age gap, and their doctor’s advisory. 

Here is how you become an older adult fitness instructor:

Take Senior Fitness Certification:

Nothing tells your clients “I know what I am doing, and you are in the best hands” like a senior fitness certification does. The first step to becoming an adult fitness instructor is becoming certified by a professional and recognized organization and choosing your specialty to be working with older adults. It takes a few weeks for you to go through your course after which you get to do a proctored/online exam.

The good thing about such courses now is that you can easily complete them at the convenience of your how and also while concurrently doing the rest of your life. With the certification, you get to learn fitness basics for older adults like flexibility training and exercises that are not appropriate for older adults.

Since older adults tend to be more interested in low-impact exercises, you can also seek to take a course in yoga and Pilates to learn flexibility and strength training. These low-impact movements are great as they keep them active while providing relief from arthritis and other physical conditions. Aquatic exercises can also be great

Get your client base:

Once you are done with your necessary certification, you now go into getting a client base for your skillset and services. You can work independently or choose to affiliate yourself with an institution that offers these services such as a gym, a private club, or a retirement home. When you are choosing a mode of advertisement, you should choose one where your target market is likely to see the services you offer such as senior-specific magazines, community centers, and senior homes.

Get started with your clients:

Once you have a client base and have begun offering sessions, be sure to go over and learn more about your client’s physical condition to know that they do not have any serious medical conditions that would put them at risk. Your programs should be made to cater to each client’s individual needs. It is also important to make sure that your client has completed a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and has clearance from the doctor.

There are many advantages that physical training has in older adults. Not only does it enhance cardio endurance and flexibility but it also helps maintain the balance of the trainee and gives them the necessary strength training. Their mind state and moods also increase significantly due to the high dopamine releases that come with working out. It has also been observed that older adults that are increasingly unable to do things on their own come to this state because of inactivity more than they do because of old age.

How exciting it is to offer all these wonderful benefits to your clients! Get your certification now and start on this journey too.