Perhaps not only you but any technician also aspires to become an eyelash professional. But how do you make this dream come true? Here are some secrets that you need to know.

1. The safe distance when applying eyelash extensions

According to the current common criteria, the novice lash technician can apply the eyelash extensions at a distance of 0.5 – 1.0 mm from the skin. With professional eyelash artists, a safe distance will be 1-1.5 mm.

Why do you need to apply eyelash extensions at a safe distance from the client’s skin? Because the glue-based product contains cyanoacrylate glue, a powerful industrial-grade adhesive. This substance accounts for 90% of the glue. And this is the main factor that causes pain, irritation to the eyes. So when you apply eyelash extensions at a distance too close to the skin, the glue adhesive can be sticky with the pores of the client. This leads to the baby lashes failing to grow out and causing an empty appearance on the eyelid. In addition, the blood vessels of the natural lashes can get an infection and cause health problems for the eyes, such as the circulation of the eyelash circuit, which can affect the eyelashes permanently. However, you should not fit the eyelash extensions too far from the skin. Because after the application process, the natural eyelashes will still grow normally and push the eyelash extensions out, to a certain period, the eyelash extensions will fall out faster.

2. Loosen lashes so they won’t stick together

An eyelash professional will not cause an eyelash extension to be glued and lie on the other. Instead, eyelash extensions will be applied onto natural lashes with a little glue at the base. If the eyelash extensions are sticky together, the aesthetic value will not be guaranteed, and the lashes will be easy to fall off.

Many clients having short and thin lash lines want them to be thicker and longer. The unprofessional lash artist may run the risk of applying the eyelash extensions onto the baby lashes of the client, and that is also a huge mistake. Because the new natural eyelashes are very weak, if you add on them the weight of eyelash extensions as well as the glue, it will cause the fibres of lashes to not grow long. Sometime later, the eyelash extension will fall out, and the baby lashes can not continue to grow.

3. Apply eyelashes evenly on both eyes

Surely your clients will not be satisfied if their two eyelash lines are not evenly, causing the visual effect of the two sides of the eye not to be the same, sometimes causing the opposite effect and making the overall face imbalanced. And certainly, a professional will not let that happen. So, if you want to become an eyelash professional, you need to master the eyelash extension principle so that the two sides of the eyes are both beautiful, as your client expected.

4. Choose the eyelash style that suits the client’s eye shape

As a lash artist, learning the different eye types and different eyelash extension styles is essential. In your work, you will need this knowledge to be able to advise your clients on the suitable eyelash style that is perfect for their eyes, which could be a good choice to improve and cover their defects, as well as help brighten their facial features. You should know that each different eye shape will match different eyelash extension styles, and only when selecting the right fit can you help your clients own the desired lash lines. Therefore, you can start with the basic information about the parameters of the eyelashes, some popular extension styles and common eye shapes.

5. Prioritise the use of high-quality products

Last but not least, product selection is one of the most important steps for any eyelash professional. Why? Because the quality of the products goes on to be one of the decisive factors that directly affect the outcome you create for your client. Therefore, it is recommended that you should use products with guaranteed quality, clearly origins and provided by popular brands on the market. One of the most relevant options for you is the eyelash extension products produced by LLBA Professional, which is a famous brand of products trusted by numerous lash artists and lash salons all over the world. Not only does LLBA offer the highest quality products at affordable prices, but they also care about client service. So, if you want to buy products to beautify your clients, LLBA Professional is surely one of the best choices for you.

Besides the tips above, to become an eyelash professional, you should continue to practice as much as possible to give your clients the best results.