Today’s locksmiths are saviors. Anyone who has ever been locked out knows that a technician appearing after calling for help could resemble being rescued at sea! For folks interested in getting into this line of work, you’ll join a noble profession that began in ancient Egypt and Babylon around 4,000 years ago.

Ancient locks and keys were large, crude, made of wood and crafted with pins. The first metal iron bolt locks coincided with advances in metalworking circa 870-900 AD, but it wasn’t until the 14th century that making locks achieved artistic recognition. Back then, locksmiths were venerated.

Do you want to become a locksmith?

Like all important professions, you’re going to need to learn your craft because this profession requires more than just opening doors for people who can’t locate their house or car keys.

You’ll be called upon to repair, replace, adjust, and install locks in addition to consulting with home and business owners when asked to recommend security measures. Be prepared to work odd hours since folks lock themselves out 24/7, but this profession doesn’t require college, so your high school diploma gets you in the door.

Whether you apprentice for a locksmith or undertake training, you should know that every state has unique requirements in order to be licensed. If you’re seeking a single trusted resource to start your journey, start with the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), a professional trade organization.

ALOA can point you toward an appropriate training program, an apprenticeship and offer you licensing tips applicable to your state. Careerists will tell you that the education you receive during your training, apprenticeship and shadowing a licensed professional are invaluable. If your long-term goal is to start your own business, you’ll also find invaluable assistance on this site.

Get a job or launch your own business?

The best answer to the question of how to start a locksmith business is both. According to labor experts posting career information on the Indeed website, “It’s smart to consider finding a locksmith job before venturing out to work on your own.” The reasons are understandable. In addition to those lock-related skills, you are going to need to learn to operate a business, undertake administrative tasks and conform to the long list of necessities you’ll need to open a retail store if that’s your objective.

Unless you’ve got a marketing professional on speed dial, your interest in knowing how to start a locksmith business requires you to figure out ways to acquire clients, like understanding where to advertise and perhaps how to use social media to drive your business forward.

That stated, if you want to make a deep dive into this career, you can learn from successful locksmith companies, whether it’s to help you launch a career or seek expert business advice. As people rely more and more on safety and security measures, a future in locksmithing gives you security too. If you like working for a local locksmith company, do it. Alternatively, work from home. Mastering the ins and outs of electronic key technology and mechanical overrides that help people navigate keyless entry systems and electronic lock technology gives you an edge over the competition that offers you a long and satisfying career.