The AWS CCP is a technically adept professional with experience in the cloud computing system. The individual has the basic knowledge required to work on the cloud system and helps businesses perform operations on the cloud data.

There are several aspects of being an AWS CCP, beginning with understanding the AWS, the job profile of the Certified Cloud Practitioner, how to get certified, and then finally, understanding the job vacancies and expected salary. This article will be your guide to understanding these concepts.

What is the Scope of a Cloud Certification?

AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce company. A cloud computing system is a network where the user does not own the space. Cloud providers facilitate the Cloud space and provide the services required to operate.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are the three most popular cloud services. A boom in Cloud Computing was visualized soon after the pandemic when businesses and organizations were pushed to operate virtually. Technology has enabled firms to provide services faster and cheaper.

At the speed at which cloud initiatives like AWS are taking up the world business scenario, companies are hustling to hire efficient professionals to support operations. Cloud Skills was defined as the top trend in job skills by

Why is the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam a Great Place to Start the Cloud Computing Journey?

Due to the increasing demand for cloud expertise, you can find a reputed IT job by upskilling in cloud management. In place of the recent boom, now is the time to get certified and find a job.

  • The Cloud Practitioner Exam is the base certification required for an AWS professional and has a universal application.
  • Top companies like Netflix and Facebook rely on AWS, and you have a higher chance of landing a dream job.
  • AWS certification also works like a fundamental cloud computing certification.
  • Beginners without technical know-how can also get their exposure to cloud system jobs with the CCP exam certification.

Who Should Take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

Before we go on to further details about becoming an AWS Cloud Practitioner, let us break some myths around who can get CCP certified.

  • Anyone interested in learning the cloud system can take the exam after proper training and preparation.
  • It is not required to have any IT, coding, designing, or business experience or education to take the AWS CCP exam.
  • If you already hold an AWS Associate or Professional Certificate, this exam is not for you. The CCP is solely intended for beginners who need to enter into cloud computing with foundational information.
  • If you have been working with AWS but do not hold a certification, the CCP is a quick exam you can attend with a run of the syllabus.

Understanding the Basic Skill Requirements for the Exam

By reading the article, you might have understood that the CLF-C01 (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner) Exam is for beginners. The exam tests the basic understanding of the AWS platform, its services, economics, operation, products, and security. You can invest about 3-4 weeks of valuable time preparing for the exam and gain the knowledge to pass the test.

  • You need to understand how hardware and software services are used in businesses.
  • Basic know-how of data used in businesses and the workflow of processes.
  • Exposure to AWS cloud can be gained through learning modules that offer hands-on experience.
  • Like any other AWS exam, the questions are scenario-based, and with proper learning techniques, the candidate can quickly clear the test.

What To Expect in the AWS CCP Exam?

The AWS CCP is a foundational level exam. The candidate will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. There are 65 questions, out of which 15 are unscored. Only 50 questions affect the exam results. The unscored questions help AWS prepare for other exams based on the performance. 

The scorable questions are either multiple choice or multiple responses. Multiple choice questions have only one correct answer, whereas multiple-response questions will have more than one right answer. To score a point, the candidate must mark all the correct answers from the options in the multiple-response questions.

The minimum score required to pass the exam is 700, and the exam is scaled between 100 and 1000. The questions are based on the domains of the syllabus. The test result usually shows a differentiated marking based on the 4 domains so that the candidate can improve on the weaker areas. The exam has a validity of 3 years.

Tips for the AWS CCP Exam

With the online proctored exam, you can take the exam from your home with Pearson Vue. But there are some things to take care of while attending the exam. Online proctoring set-up takes time. So, start your exam preparation at least 40 minutes before.

  • Keep your ID card ready, click the pictures, and send them over when prompted.
  • Keep a clean desk free of anything suspicious like electronic devices, notepads, etc.
  • You cannot get up during the exam. And probably you won’t even get time to look around.
  • Keep all disturbances at bay, and do not have anyone lingering around the room.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Preparation

The basic idea of the CCP exam is to test your knowledge of the AWS system. Therefore, set your target at understanding AWS. The exam syllabus domains, the weightage, and the description will be your checklist to start.

  1.  Exam Preparation Course

Several preparatory courses available online will guide you through the syllabus and the learning procedure. This is the best and easiest option if you are an absolute beginner. AWS-certified professionals conduct these courses and have laid the study plan with just the correct information needed to pass this basic foundation exam. Many online classes offer a trial period, so you can try them out before paying for the course. Check the content and the hands-on experience provided.

  • Practice Papers and Mock Exams

Most online courses will have a set of mock exams. After you have completed your course modules, the next step is to move to the mock exams. Do not feel low if your score wasn’t good enough on the first try. Keep attending to the practice papers till the exam day. You can know your weaker domains and focus on them. The AWS website also has mock exams, which you try the day before the exam.

  • AWS White Papers

You might consider skipping the white papers, but not if I told you that most exam questions are based on white papers. You can find all the AWS white papers on the AWS website. For the CCP exam, Amazon Web Services recommend 4 specific ones.

  •  Overview of AWS Services
  •  AWS Best Practices
  • How AWS Pricing Works
  • Compare AWS Support Plans
  • AWS Training Classes

Following the AWS free training classes without a tutor’s help is not easy. But after completing a tutored training course, you can return to the AWS training modules. There are three Training Courses available for AWS CCP Exam.

  • AWS Business Essentials
  • AWS Technical Essentials
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
  •  AWS Service Pages

AWS service introduction videos can work like a refresher a week before the exam.

  • Self-Study and Notes

Prepare Notes with tabs while you are learning the modules. To keep a tab, you can use sticky notes with the topic for easy access. These notes come to use during revision about a week before the exam. Make Diagrams and flowcharts that are easy to revise.

 AWS Cloud Practitioner – Jobs & Salary?

After getting certified as an AWS Cloud Practitioner, the first step is to upload your certification to your online resume and LinkedIn Profile. You have earned to flaunt it. After your CCP certification, you can either get into a job or skill up into the Associate level certifications. They will set your career path from an AWS novice to an expert.

AWS certifications have their perks in terms of job and salary. You do not just gain exposure to apply at leading organizations but have the opportunity to get a better pay package. As per surveys, the average salary in the US lies between $140,000 to $160,000/ year. It is estimated at Rs 1,200k – Rs 1400k / year in India.

Summing Up

If you have landed on this page while searching for how to become an AWS Cloud Practitioner (CCP),  now is the right time to decide on your career path. Make a move and schedule the exam for a tentative date so that you have a deadline at hand. A dream without a deadline mostly remains a fantasy. It is not recommended that beginners take the mock test and plunge into disappointment over the low marks.

Choose a good online course provider with proper guidance. The syllabus and topics might seem frightening at first look. Understanding the concept can ease your learning process.  With a few weeks of studies, you could be on cloud nine of your career.