In the world, we live in, who isn’t familiar with Instagram?

When it comes to using a social media platform for digital marketing for a brand or a business, Instagram happens to be the first priority on the list of most people.

Since many social media platforms are trying to compete with Instagram, the masterminds behind Instagram are constantly enriching people with the latest and effective features to stand out from the crowd.

Starting from its main aesthetics to switching from chronological to algorithm way of showing content, it has been a roller coaster ride with Instagram.

On the odds that you are someone who has been spending most of your time on the platform of Instagram, then you might be aware of the fact that keeping up with this new algorithm-based content is surely a daunting task.

Want to know why most people fail to keep up with the algorithm of Instagram? It is because the algorithm of Instagram behaves in a mysterious way. 

However, if only once you managed to get a hold of how the algorithm actually works, it becomes easier for you to beat and claim victory over it.

In this guide below, we are about to disclose to you some of the finest ways in which you can beat the algorithm of Instagram in the most profound way.

This is why, it’s preferred to stick with this article till the end, as it comprises unique information that you might not be aware of!

Factors for beating the Instagram algorithm

If only you search the web to educate yourself about the viable ways you can beat the algorithm of Instagram.

Then you would surely be amazed to come across numerous articles that would be claiming that “if only you follow them, you would be able to beat the algorithm of Instagram productively”.

However, this isn’t things work. In order to beat the algorithm of Instagram, one needs to keep considering the two facts that we are going to provide you below.

Unlike other guides, the factors included in this guide are the one that works on each and every Instagram reach, hence this is the reason why this guide would surely stand out from the other articles present on the web. 

The two of these factors are;

1.   Your Instagram Engagement or Interaction

First thing first, your Instagram engagement happens to be the real key that can turn out to be fruitful for you to beat the algorithm of your Instagram.

Instagram marketplace shows users the content that they think they are most likely to engage with.

Have you ever noticed that if accidentally or intentionally you like a post of one of your friends or two or three posts of your celebrity crush, Instagram would start showing their post on your feed and on your search section?

Want to know why this happens?

When you like the post of your friend or a celebrity crush, Instagram interprets that you may like that person, or you may like watching the content that is posted by that person.

And once Instagram interprets that, it keeps on taking you back to that same person’s content, or the content that is related to it.

Now that we have got to know about how the algorithm of Instagram works, it has become much easier for us to break it.

Now all the user has to do now is to search for content on Instagram that happens to relate to your taste or your niche.

After that, start liking these posts. If only you want to take a step ahead, you can leave one comment on such a post too.

Once you are done with that, wait and watch how the algorithm of Instagram changes for you, that too instantly!

2.   Your Consistency!

Second and the last factor that is considered to be the best and most fruitful factor to trick the Instagram algorithm is the consistency and time you post your content on your social media account.

Instagram is a social media platform that earns money by placing ads on the content of the users. The easiest way in which you can make your followers see the advertisement of your company is by making them stay on your account or on the app for a prolonged time.

In much simpler words, when you will post your content on your Instagram account with premium consistency, then your audience and your followers would have to keep a check on Instagram to watch for your next post.

And to do that, they might have to open and stay or scroll on their Instagram account for a while. This way, the more you would be able to keep your followers or your audience on the Instagram app, the more the Instagram algorithm would start favoring you!

This is yet again one of the easiest ways one can beat an algorithm!


While wrapping it all up, there are only a few things that a marketer can do to beat the algorithm of Instagram.

And among those few things, we have narrowed down our focus on the factor that have proved themselves as one of the most effective ones to beat the Instagram algorithm.

If only you give one of these above-mentioned tips a shot, we are assured of the fact that the results you might receive on your Instagram account would surely be the finest and the best ones that you may have witnessed in years. 

All the above-mentioned tips directly come from famous and successful Instagram marketers, hence you can be fully assured that all these tips will surely work for you.

With that being said, what more you are waiting for? Beat your Instagram Algorithm now!