Impulsive timeshare purchases are quite common nowadays. Spending a vacation at a stunning location for a couple of weeks every year without worrying about making arrangements seems like a great idea. But, is this idea worth it? Many people regret purchasing a timeshare due to unforeseen upfront costs and maintenance charges. 

Timeshares make it to the top of consumers’ lists of regretted purchases for obvious reasons. First, a timeshare is not an investment. Instead, it is a long-term commitment. If you buy a timeshare, be ready to pay sky-high maintenance charges for many years to come. Second, if you discover that you no longer want to pay for a timeshare, getting rid of it is expensive, as well as difficult.

Planning about buying a timeshare? Keep reading! Here, we’ll learn how to avoid a timeshare buyer’s regret.

Don’t fall into the timeshare trap

When you are on vacation, it’s quite easy to get influenced, caught up in the moment, and make an impulsive purchase. A timeshare salesperson will leave no stone unturned to make you buy a timeshare. 

They use high-pressure sales tactics that will make it hard for you to resist the urge to buy the property. However, you need to keep in mind that this purchase is going to be your long-term commitment. Clearly, the sense of urgency to buy a timeshare without thinking twice is something you should avoid. Take time to consider the pros and cons of buying a timeshare, so you don’t have to regret it later.

Furthermore, many people simply don’t understand how complicated a vacation points system is to use. As a result, it is only after making an impulsive purchase that they try to use it and end up feeling regret.

What can you do?

Understand how a timeshare points system works. Find out what restrictions apply to using a timeshare before buying the one. 

Why do consumers regret buying a timeshare?

Well, consumers regret purchasing a timeshare for a variety of reasons. For example, the inability to pay for a timeshare, not being able to find an unreserved unit when they want to go on a vacation, etc. Further, seasonal availability and health travel restrictions can create a nightmare for a points-based vacation ownership system. In that case, owners often stick with using their points for a location or time they don’t like.

Therefore, while making a timeshare purchase, make sure that there are at least two like locations available to use your points. Also, the locations should be available throughout the year and not just during the low seasons. 

Research ahead of time and understand all the costs involved in the purchase. Though some people are happy with their timeshare purchase, many regret their decision later. If you feel that timeshare is burdening your finances or can’t afford to pay for it, it’s time to work with a legit timeshare exit company, like Timeshare Freedom Group. Have a look at the complaints on Timeshare Freedom and read reviews to get an idea of how they help their clients get out of a timeshare burden.

Don’t fall for the ‘Today-Only’ offer!

A today-only offer can mean lifetime regret! So, take time and don’t just fall for a lucrative timeshare offer. Ask as many questions as you want about vacation ownership. Read articles, comments, and reviews about timeshare purchases. You can talk to a timeshare owner to get a better idea of the advantages and disadvantages associated with owning a timeshare of the resort you plan to buy. 

Timeshares are meant to be a fun addition to your vacation, not a source of stress and financial troubles. So, it is important to think multiple times before making such a big purchase.