Although air conditioners harbor many benefits to residences and few setbacks, some undertakings can help ensure its operation stays healthy for the entire household. Ducted air conditioning allows users to experience an indoor climate-controlled environment like no other HVAC can.

To make sure that your current or future ducted setup works as it should without causing your housemates to breathe in unhealthy air, take note of these helpful tips:

Do an Annual Clean of Your Vents

Some people may consider changing the filters to keep the AC pushing clean air into their living space. But when was the last time you had the interior of your vents cleaned? You could either hire an HVAC service to do this or even try it out yourself. Granted, never touch anything on your HVAC if you’re uncomfortable with handling it.

But provided that you have a power drill or screwdriver, a facemask, vacuum, cleaning cloth, and towels, you can most certainly carry out the job on your own. Turn the fan on while wiping away the dust particles and push them out of the vents. Be sure to change out the filters once finished, which leads to the next tip.

Change the Filters

Unless you’re using filters that aren’t temporary, you’ll have to change them out according to the lifetime specified by the brand. It could be as little as one month. Others may last for half a year. If you cleaned your ducts, you’ll probably need a new filter or need to clean the permanent one once done.

Filters help block harmful particulates from entering your living area. Without them, you would get sick quite often, with noticeably worse air quality inside. Try to invest in good filters that won’t go to waste after a month has passed. Even better are filters that are as good as new after being cleaned. And once the time limit for its use is up, don’t forget to dispose of them. A filter that’s reached its usage period is the same as running your AC with no filter at all.

Use Filters for the Vents

Vent filters are small coverings that go either outside of the air ducts or immediately behind them. They’re good alternatives to try if you don’t have the means to clean your duct interior. But even if you’ve managed to get that done, vent filters are recommended as a final step that prevents accumulating dust particles from moving into the vents when the AC isn’t run.

Additionally, you can change them out easily by unscrewing the duct cover. Many brands have an adhesive along the edges, allowing nothing to come off as debris sticks to the filter.

Keep your Temperature in Check

A lot of the allergies synonymous with unhealthy AC systems aren’t produced by the temperature at all. It’s a common misconception that people sometimes get wrong, where the thermostat pointed higher to keep the air from being too cold.

It’s not always cool air producing the sniffles but particulates in the air from dirty ducts and filters. However, drafts caused by air blowing out of the vents may lead to an irritable nose, especially if the air inside is dry. A humidifier can stop this by keeping the moisture content stable, making everyone breathe easier.

Try the tips above that work best for you. One will surely be the trick that keeps unwanted allergies at bay.