Getting scammed online is usually one of our worst fears. Fraudsters keep looking for ways to steal your personal information and hard-earned money. And with technological advancements, they have also developed a plethora of methods to scam people online. 

But do not worry! Here, in this article, we’ll talk about a few of them and tell you how exactly you can prevent such frauds.

  • Avoid using unauthorized apps.

If you rely on apps as much as we do for various services, it’s likely you have tons of these on your mobile phones. But did you know not all applications are safe to use? A recent study shows that most cyber banking frauds occur through mobile apps.

These apps usually steal your personal information and sell them to various companies. So, only download verified and secured apps on your devices to prevent future fraud.

  • Only use safe and secure websites.

Using secure and authorized websites is also essential to dodge cyber fraud. No matter how genuine a site looks, one must check its authentication before making any payment through it. 

The sites that start from ‘https://’ followed by ‘www’ are generally safe for use. Also, people who like to gamble online should be extra careful before choosing a site. One must check whether or not the casino site is verified by a third-party regulatory authority to ensure it’s legit. Various sites like Arabic Online Casinos, Betway, and PureWin are some trustworthy options.

  • Check the internet connection before using.

Checking the internet connection and ensuring it’s safe is another necessary thing to keep in mind. If you’re in public, it’s usually advised not to connect your mobile phone to an unsecured public internet connection. Once you do that, your mobile data become susceptible to various cyber frauds. Often you lose all your data to the fraudsters behind the act.

So, one should always perform activities like sharing banking details or making online transactions on a safe, private network connection.

  • Be careful while using your card details on the Internet.

One must be extremely careful while using their cards for online transactions. Many sites ask you to save card information while you make your purchase. In such cases, you need to be sure whether the site is trustworthy or not. And if possible, avoid saving card details online. 

Also, there have been instances where a card skimmer is used by certain shops and restaurants in disguise as a card reading POS machine. It steals all your card data, and you ultimately lose your money.


The online scams keep increasing every year, so it’s essential to take precautions to avoid such things in advance. The areas touched on in this article are generally places where people end up getting scammed. And now that you know about these, we assume you’ll be vigilant in the future.