Have you just started with Instagram Marketing for your brand? Are you not sure how to get more Instagram followers? Well, it’s not rocket science! To remarkably grow on Instagram is quite easy. If you deliver your brand message properly and have the right information, getting high quality and real followers driven towards your Instagram account doesn’t take much time.  

However, you need to remember a critical factor here, and it is nothing but the organic distinction. You might find it tempting to go for the easy way out and pay for the likes and follows and purchase more and more followers. But these kinds of shortcuts are not worth it at all. According to the Instagram algorithm, paid and low-quality accounts and interactions should be banned. So, it’s always advised to go for organic Instagram growth to get authentic followers who are almost sure to become your buyers in the future. 

Not to mention, your Instagram following doesn’t matter at all if they don’t engage well, visit the landing pages of your website, become your brand advocates, and so on. Right? Thus, you should always grow your Instagram audience organically, as organic Instagram growth is truly the key to effective Instagram promotions. 

This blog will discuss different potent strategies for getting Instagram followers who matter for your brand. 

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Leverage an Effective Instagram Growth Service 

There are many options when it comes to Instagram Growth Service that are available in the market today. But you need to choose the best one to get the best results. Agree with me?  

An Instagram Growth Service tool that focuses on organic growth to boost your Instagram followers gradually and naturally over time should be your choice. So, make sure you act smart while taking this decision and focus on the long-term goal, i.e., more engagement, meaningful followers, and increased sales, rather than buying fake followers to just boost your brand’s Instagram following. 

Ensure Your Instagram Account is Optimized 

It is very important to ensure that your Instagram account is properly optimized to attract good followers. Real people who are interested in what you sell would like to see a perfectly organized Instagram account of your brand to connect better. For optimizing in the best possible way, you should first consider the Instagram Bio of your brand as the homepage to your brand’s account. Make it well-informative and creative enough to pass on your brand message perfectly. If you have a rightly crafted your Instagram bio and a profile image, it will surely help you establish your brand identity, which your potential customers will look for. 

Moreover, for attracting more and more high-end followers to your Instagram account, you need to keep your username search-friendly. It should reflect your real brand name. If you think that your brand name is too long to be an Instagram username, contract it to make something unique and attractive that your audience will remember. 

Adding numbers and special characters are not acceptable for your Instagram account’s username. What’s more, make sure you keep your Instagram username similar to your other social media handles. This will increase your brand authenticity for the audience; they will consider your business as a genuine brand, and, in turn, people will follow you more. 

Have a Consistent Content Calendar for Your Instagram 

The worst thing that can hurt your followers count on Instagram is posting content randomly, whenever you want. Because it’s not about you, it’s about them. If some people have followed your brand or are keeping an eye on your brand’s Instagram handle, they must regularly have new and meaningful content from you. It will help them find your brand exciting and remember you. 

Typically, you should post a few times a day. Keep a consistent cadence of your posts. The statistics say that approximately 200 million good quality users log on to their Instagram accounts daily. So, you should post good content at least 3-5 times a day to cast your net even wider. 

If you stick to a definite content schedule for your Instagram, your followers will have a consistent experience, and they will keep taking an interest in your brand. But if you think it would be tough for you to remember to publish at different times in a day, several smart tools are available that offer Instagram scheduling and optimal timing features. 

Promote Your Instagram Everywhere

How will your potential audience find your brand unless you promote your Instagram account all over the internet? So, it is crucial to list your brand’s Instagram handle with your website and other social media networks. 

Creating an immense level of visibility and awareness is one of the most proven ways how people can find your Instagram account. Hence, this way, you can attract many followers. If you truly want more Instagram followers who will convert, you need to add your social media buttons to the website and blog section. This will promote social shares across all the platforms, and your potential customers will come to know where to find you exactly on Instagram. 

However, you should remember that if you just simply ask people to follow you on Instagram, this will be of no use. Today’s audience is smart, and they won’t follow your brand until they find something interesting about it. So, you should promote out-of-the-box content on Instagram and give them the right reasons to follow you there. 

Fortunately, Instagram has many thrilling features like IGTV, stories, reels, etc. You can leverage them to post the content that your audience will like. Just do this, and nothing can stop your brand from getting a bulk of great followers on Instagram!  

Post What Your Audience Wants 

It is not easy to do, but this has to be done to gain more Instagram followers. Instagram allows you to keep an eye on the type of your content which is doing better than the others. Hence, testing is easy.

So, you should keep checking and identifying your most trending posts. It will help you understand what your audience wants, and thus, you will be able to create more posts or launch more products or services which will be as per your followers’ choice. This can boost your followers on Instagram remarkably. 

Moreover, it is important to always notice the newest Instagram trends. If you know them, it will help you stick to the popular content in your niche, which will help you attract a lot of potential followers. 

If you want to stay one step ahead in analyzing what kind of content can drive you more Instagram followers, you can take help from the powerful Instagram analytics tools. This will help you track, understand, and analyze the Instagram content of your niche across several accounts. 

Above all, you need to be confident about the content strategy that you are implementing for your brand’s Instagram account. If you have analyzed the filters, captions and other details to see what your audience wants, you are surely going to rock it! But if you are not sure about where you should start, begin with analyzing your competitors and understanding what they are doing to attract followers. 

 Be More Visually Appealing

Today’s customers want to have a visual experience. They like to engage more with visually appealing content like photos and videos followed by text content. Can there be any other social media platform better than Instagram to create amazing visuals?

Yes! You need to leverage this attractive attribute of Instagram to get more and more potential followers. If you stay active on Instagram and consistently post creative and alluring pictures and other visuals that reflect your brand message, you will surely attract more and more followers. And those who will be able to connect with your visuals; chances are they will turn into your potent customers.  

 Use Powerful Hashtags 

One of the most convenient ways to attract a mass of good followers on Instagram is through hashtags. For many years, hashtags have been a trend as one of the best ways to discover a brand by the audience. So, they can be a great tool for brands to expand their social reach. If you want to do the right kind of marketing for your brand and want to gain as many followers as you can to build your community, you must use the relevant trending hashtags of your business niche. 

You have to target those hashtags that your potential audience is likely to check out. If the connection clicks, you will have a lot of followers of your brand. Always go for unique and branded hashtags to group your posts around such content that is hyper-relevant to your brand and marketing campaigns. If you do this, you will mostly transform your brand’s Instagram followers. 

Double Up Your Instagram Following Effortlessly 

The strategies discussed above are highly impactful to attract a lot of new followers on Instagram. If you have not yet implemented these for your brand, don’t wait anymore! 

What’s more, keep an eye on the recent Instagram updates and make the best out of them. You will surely be able to take your brand’s Instagram following to the next level!