Fusion hair extensions are considered one of the most popular methods: a professional hairstylist can do beautiful and stylish extensions, almost invisible and comfortable in wearing.

If you are just a beginner in this profession, read in our article how to do keratin bond hair extensions and what tools you will need to do this procedure.

Let’s start with a description of how keratin bond hair extensions are done:

  1. Hair

We recommend using only high-quality human hair: Slavic or Russian hair. They differ in structure, density and color. 

  • Slavic hair is exclusively natural, undyed hair. Therefore, each time you get a bundle of a unique shade. Such raw materials are the best option for those clients who have natural undyed, soft and fine hair.
  • Russian hair comes in different colors and shades, so you can easily pick up what your clients need. It’s more dense textured hair.
  1. Hair Extensions Tools & Supplies

For this beauty procedure, a hairstylist should have the following tools and supplies in advance: 

  • Hair. 
  • Keratin glue pellets from which the bonds are formed. 
  • U-shaped pliers to form beads.
  • Hair extensions iron for melting keratin glue.
  • Heat protection shields and clamps.
  • Solution and pliers for beads removal.
  1. Fusions Installation Procedure

First, a stylist must determine where the hair strands will be applied.

  • It is easier for hair professionals to work according to a certain scheme. Usually, hairstylists start from the top of the head, gradually moving to other areas – temples and the back of the head.
  • In addition, the different bond sizes can be used in different parts of the head. For example, standard beads on the back of the head and microbeads on the temples, where the strands are naturally thinner.
  1. Hairstyle

The extensions will be almost invisible: on top, they are covered with natural hair, so no one will ever notice the beads.

To become a successful hairstylist, you need to learn and train a lot to improve your skills.

However, it is important to purchase quality tools: iron connector, keratin glue, etc., which will make the process of work easier and more convenient for you.

Also don’t try to reduce recycleables for keratin bond extensions. Your status depends upon the caliber of hair, that is created based on positive feedback out of your clients.

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