The internet is not only a huge goldmine of knowledge, as it is also an opportunity to present your content to outsiders, use the collected material to produce advertising spots and more. Unfortunately, with taking photos and recording videos also comes their processing. Greater or lesser – it always involves several technical aspects, such as setting the correct white balance or brightness and contrast. However, authors of videos and photographs that unintentionally also feature other people have another requirement to meet – bystander anonymization. This process involves removing their faces from photos and pictures. It’s an issue that until recently was associated only with photo-video specialists, but now there are tools that simplify the process to essentially one click.

Anonymization – an expensive obligation

The obligation to anonymize for the sake of image protection applies to virtually all individuals who publish online or offline videos or photo files that show the face or various recognizable features of bystanders. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, however, these are dealt with by the courts individually, so that relying on past judgments does not always promise a victory. In order to protect yourself from this type of situation, it is definitely worth relying on anonymization, thanks to which the face of any person will be blurred to such an extent that their recognition is impossible. This basically prevents any claim against the author and legal owner of the video file or photo.

What does anonymization involve?

Anonymization is difficult. This is the basis and also the main reason why it costs so much to carry it out. Most authors, both professionals and hobbyists, use the services of third-party companies that professionally handle the anonymization process by modifying photos and videos through the application of various filters in the selected area. The process is relatively simple in the case of one person, but the difficulty increases with the number of people in a given frame. Also the price increases, as well as the time required for a given execution. Surprisingly, this is not the only option.

Anonymization done in one step – is it possible?

Artificial intelligence is changing the way professionals and hobbyists work each year, as is evident from an application that removes all faces from photographs – it doesn’t require technical knowledge, the ability to work with graphic editing programs or a huge amount of money. Photo anonymization software effectively removes faces from various photographs, for which it really only takes one click, including uploading the file to the server and waiting for it to be modified. Thus, the process is very easy and the execution time is reduced to the necessary minimum, since the removal of sensitive data is supervised not by a human, but by an almost completely infallible artificial intelligence. This solution unlocks a number of possibilities for hobbyists and professionals who want to maintain their YouTube channels or professional photography company.