Although Microsoft 2003 is no longer supported, you can still install it and use it for your word processing tasks.  You might be having an old laptop or desktop that doesn’t support the current versions of Microsoft Word, so getting the 2003 version installed is the only way to go. It still works perfectly well, although you have to ensure that you activate it to avoid unnecessary pop-ups that remind you to activate it. Fortunately, there are numerous ways that you can use to activate this Word Processing Company.

If you are interested in finding a free Microsoft product key online, you will know that there are a few reputable and reliable websites that offer this. You may be wondering if these keys are real, but the truth is that the product activation keys are genuine. These free activation keys are created by copying from the manufacturers of the software. In some instances, the activation keys may be valid for a certain duration, and you may be required to reenter those keys after the specified time.

Ways to find my Microsoft Word product key

To activate Microsoft Word 2003, everyone will need to have an activation key, no matter whether you are a vendor of personal computers or an ordinary user. The product key normally has 25 characters and combines numbers and alphabets. Also, the location of the key depends on how you got the Word program. If you purchased the program from an online store, you should check for the activation code in your Microsoft account. The product key will be available on your content page.

Another way of getting the product key is that you can install MS Word 2003, then to the Microsoft website to get it.  There is an option that allows you to check, and also copy the product key that you want.

You can buy the DVD version in brick-and-mortar stores and install it. But remember that very few stores still stock this Microsoft office software because support is no longer supported by Microsoft.

The trial version of Office 365 allows you to try Microsoft Word for free for a month without worrying about paying a penny. After a month elapses, you can cancel the trial, subscription, and start another new trial. This might be a little inconvenience but allows you to use a genuine product that doesn’t take a lot of your computing resources.


From what we have covered above, you must have grasped a few ways that you can get a free Microsoft Word activation code. Microsoft Word 2003 is becoming less important for most people because they have moved to the newer versions that offer more features and capabilities. However, if you still have an old computer that is still in perfect condition yet doesn’t support the current visions such as Microsoft Word 2010 and 2016, there is no need to throw away your machine. The above simple ways should help you find the genuine activation code for Microsoft Word 2003.